Monday, January 24, 2011

The Monday Corner 1/24/2011

Movie watched for the first time this past week:

Pygmalion, Von Ryan's Express, Champion, The Proposition, The Scarlet Pimpernel (going through a Leslie Howard phase), Ondine, and Aguirre the Wrath of God.

As always, if you want a review for a particular film feel free to ask in the comments!

For your Consideration:
If you're ever attacked by a dodo bird, remember - just link it.

Blogging extraordinaire, Kid in the Front Row tells you the difference between aspiring actors and great actors. No, it's not the right dental cream.

We all have DVDs we may not want to talk about quite as loudly as others, The Great White Dope takes on that very notion with the Anthony Quinn Mohammad film, The Message.

Kai, over at The List tells you why he's a Marvel man. Not to be confused with the Marlboro Man... lung cancer vs. loneliness - pick your poison.

Dark of the Matinee looks at the good and bad of going into a film 'blind' when a matching against Dogtooth takes a mind boggling turn.

Last week, Film Intel told you how to make an iconic movie poster. This week, he puts his theory to the test!

Poll Update:
I've always found it amusing at how well received High School films tend to be vs. College films. Scream 2 and Animal House, exceptions... obviously :P

1. 15 votes: 20 - 24 years old (24 is the new 18... if you're delusional)
2. 8 votes: As long as they look it (sadly enough, they seldom do)
3. 2 votes: 18 and you're out (strict, are we?)
4. 1 vote: 25 - 29 (entering creeping region)
5. 0 votes: 30+ (still holding on to Happy Days pipe dreams are we?)

New Poll: Keanu Reeves talked recently about a potential Matrix 4 (and in 3D). How do you feel about that?

Movie Song of the Week:
Per request from Anna of Defiant Success, one of the most recognizable songs in cinema - Lujon by Henry Mancini. Featured in The Big Lebowski, Sexy Beast, Two Lovers, and Hatari!

That just about does it folks. Enjoy your Monday! And remember - Univarn is the defining exemplification of supreme awesome. So sayeth Uni.

5 better thoughts:

Aiden R. said...

Matrix 4 should not happen. That is adding insult to injury.

Castor said...

Always enjoy reading The Kid in the Front Row. Great writer he is.

Simon said...

I want to see someone make a big-words poster for Troll 2. Doooooooooooo it.

MovieNut14 said...

Thanks for using that music piece. It's a favorite of mine.

Univarn said...

@Aiden R. Unfortunately the injury is entirely on the audience as well.

@Castor He is most definitely

@Simon If you beg Film-Intel enough, I'm sure he will oblige eventually

@MovieNut14 No problemo

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