Monday, January 17, 2011

The Monday Corner 1/17/2010

Movie watched for the first time this past week:

The Petrified Forest (early Bogart + Davis + Howard + morbid solemnness)
Witness for the Prosecution (Where do I fill out the paperwork to label Marlene Dietrich an acting saint?)
Spellbound (Hitchcock + Ingrid Bergman + Gregory Peck = drooling)
The Postman Always Rings Twice (a bit hokey but a solid noir film)
Rabbit Hole
Conviction (most generous post-film actor to real life comparison ever?)

Not a lot of first time watches this week, and I don't expect that to change anytime soon.

For your Consideration:

The great folks over at Anomalous Material give us another head spinner as they hypothesize the possibility of Nic Cage as Superman. To be honest it would be great to see Superman chill out every once in a while for a conversation with an iguana.

Have you had a chance to check out MILFCast's Tournament of Champions yet? If not be sure to head on over and listen as blogging greats Dylan Fields, Rachel Thuro, Jason Soto, Steve Johnston, and the Mad Hatter duel it out for supremacy!

These days if an actor is shown smoking they need four black lungs just to match the presence they get, Anna at Defiant Success takes it back to the days when actors and smoking carried cool as if it was nothing. Too bad a little thing like cancer (sarcasm intended) had to get in the way.

No real secret that when you post a review of my all time number one film, Seven Samurai, you're going to grab my attention. Film Forager took on the Kurosawa epic, and came out with some likes and dislikes. Be sure to head on over and check them out.

Andrew from gmanReviews braved the difficult journey to seek out Tyler Perry's latest For Colored Girls. If only Perry had asked for Andrew's advice sooner, the potential Oscar flop could have been avoided.

Poll Update:
Some heated voted. No clear winner, but I think we've come to a mutual agreement.

1. 6 votes: Marvel > life (Life just doesn't seem the same since that Murphy/Lawrence comedy)
2. 5 votes: Film splits (HP 7.2 better be > Twilight Whatever Part 1 or I'll weep till I'm fifty)
3. (tie) 4 votes: Color Green and Continuous One's (it's sad nobody's seen the value in combining the two!)

New Poll: We all view things differently. This week I want to know, at what AGE do you draw the line at someone playing a high school student?

Soundtrack of the Week:
Ennio Morricone may start sounding a bit repetitive if you listen to enough of his stuff, but that repetition its an orgasmic sentiment of awesome! His work on The Untouchables is no different. Pumps me up every time I watch it.

To my fellow American readers, be sure you enjoy Martin Luther King Jr. day! To the rest, have a wonderful Monday.

9 better thoughts:

MovieNut14 said...

Thanks for the linkage. It is ridiculous that no one back in the 40's and 50's seemed to know the long-term effects of smoking. Unfortunately for some the actors mentioned on the post, they found out the hard way.

Anonymous said...

Kind of puked in my mouth a little bit at the idea of Nic Cage as Superman. I'm sad they cast off Jon Hamm for 'being too old'.

Castor said...

Thanks for the link Uni!

Andrew Robinson said...

thanks for the link love. I worked kind of hard on that piece... you know how much effort it took not to kill someone while watching that movie?

Eric said...

Hi, just wanted to say that I really like your blog! I just stumbled upon it this afternoon and read a few reviews. Great stuff -- consider me a new follower! :)

Simon said...


Univarn said...

@MovieNut14 A very unfortunate truth

@5splitreel Look on the bright side, at least Jon Hamm will never have to worry about being unfairly typecast into a roll and never getting justified work.

@Castor You know it.

@Andrew I can only imagine (note: never sit next to you when Tyler Perry comes on)

@Eric Thanks! I'll be sure you check out your blog as well.

@Simon I had intended to include your post but everyone else in their mother linked too it :(

Simon said...

What post? Where? What?

I was just trying to always comment on your link posts, but I had nothing to say.

Fletch said...

LOL at the thought of Jon Hamm being too old but Cage not. More like "Cage can open a movie and Jon Hamm can't."

As for the high school long as they can look it, I'm game. It's just boring if that's all they do, like with Steve Zahn playing man-children in every role he's cast in...dude's pushing 45 already.

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