Monday, January 10, 2011

The Monday Corner 1/10/2011

In honor of Mad keeping track of the films he's watched in the past week I figured I'd go ahead and list here the movies I saw for the first time last week (in no particular order):

Judgment at Nuremberg, The American, The Music Man, Battle at Algiers, Dial M for Murder, Le Million, and Catfish.

I also watched the three part BBC series SHERLOCK.

If you'd like to request a review for any of the films above (already reviewed films are linked) let me know in the comments!

For your Consideration:

Love The Boondock Saints? Jim from Napiers News is hosting a brand new paraphernalia giveaway over at his website, be sure to head on over and toss your name into the hat!

The Deleted Scene throws a different spin on an old film blogging argument - 'They Sure Don't Make Movies Like They Used To' - or do they?

Andrew from gmanReviews has geared up his top 10 films of 2010! In typical fashion, there are plenty of surprises and variety for all to enjoy!

Leave it to Jess of Insight into Entertainment to come up with a new way of reviewing a film every blogger this side of the prime meridian, Black Swan. Take a look as she presents some possible emails exchanged between Lily and Nina throughout the tale!

Last, but definitely not least, a vast number of members of The Large Association of Movie Blogs are up for awards over at Total Film, be sure you read up on them and vote vote vote!!!

Poll Update:
Apparently if you write smart things, people will read your blog... who knew?

1. 17 votes: Seeking potential Oscar nominees (hear hear!)
2. 8 votes: Performing my normal film routine (I suppose I could have clarified - by this I meant going to theaters and such)
3. 5 votes: Watching classics I might have missed (about what I do)
4. 1 vote: Ignoring movies in favor of other tasks (sleep > all?)

New Poll: The Green Hornet is on its way and thus the debate begins: What obscure measurement will best define the cinematic viewing of 2011?

Odd One Out Poster Challenge:
I know bringing something back after two weeks of being away creates a transition period for all of us. However, I can't do yearly relevant posters all the time! So, without further ado I give you this week's winner:

"Terminator 3, because of all the actors featured in these posters, Arnie is the only one who wouldn't lose a fist fight to an 8 year old girl?" - Tom Clift

I should note that I don't think Nic Cage would be beaten up by an eight year old girl... unless she was an iguana or in a bear costume - we all know those are his two true weaknesses.

Soundtrack of the Week:
Among the many things I love about the work of Hayao Miyazaki there lie the way in which he can blend such up beat, mystical, and beautiful songs into almost any situation. In honor of that I've decided to include the theme to my favorite Miyazaki film, Spirited Away:

12 better thoughts:

Lesya Khyzhnyak said...

I would like to see The American review here.

Andrew Robinson said...

Love the link love...

I'm glad to see my TOP TEN surprised you a bit, I wonder which films caught you off guard that made my list and which ones you might've expected me to throw in there that didn't make it?

I'm with Lesya here and would love to hear your thoughts on The American (PS. I think you hated it)

Jess said...

Thanks for the link! Glad you liked it. I just couldn't face writing the same thing everyone else already had. How many ways are there to say it's awesome but might f#&$ you up.

The Mad Hatter said...

I too would like to see a review of THE AMERICAN.

You gonna start keeping tabs on your watched films every week, or was this a one-off event? If you are, remember to keep a running number of what you've watched for the year.

Something tells me these numbers will get scary by June.

SugaryCynic said...

I'm also curious what you think about The American, and also, LOVE the soundtrack pick, the music in that movie is gorgeous.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Excellent pick for the odd one out!

Univarn said...

@Lesya Alrighty, with you and quite a few others I'll get right on that.

@Andrew Probably the very high placement of Catfish, and to a greater extent Buried. I liked both well enough, but not top 3 material.

@Jess I'm not sure, but alas I try anyways :)

@Mad Yikes, wouldn't even want to think about it. However - I did remember another film I watched last week but forgot to post so I'll have to throw that out there as well. BTW I know you've listed Spirited Away about fifteen times on your 'movies I need to see' list. Any chance you ever got around to it?

@Sugary It is music, as is the case with just about all Miyazaki films.

@AlexJ Thanks - Tom came through quite well on that one.

Castor said...

Love the Spirited Away soundtrack! One of my favorite score ever made.

Ronan said...

Your LAMMY message is funny. It was lovely to listen to a gorgeous score while reading your Monday Corner post. I also admired your Christmas challenge. All the best for the new blogging year.

Simon said...

So tired...can't be witty...

Cassangee said...

please review the BBC Sherlock Series!!

Univarn said...

@Castor It is great and fits the film perfectly.

@Ronan Thank you, and all the best to you as well!

@Simon Look on the bright side, tired may have nothing to do with it (I apologize, that's a bit harsh - was trying to be funny).

@Cass I just might, was talking to FinalGirlProject about both of us doing it together.

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