Monday, December 27, 2010

The Monday Corner 12/27/2010

The last Monday Corner of the year. And what a year it has been. We passed 50k hits and care currently on course to connect with 60k in the next week or two. Got nominated for 5 LAMMY's - lost each one (it's all good though - I'll be back next year... I hope). I graduated from college - exciting times may just lay ahead.

But of course, thanks to all of you, I know next year will be even better than the last. Thanks everyone, now enough with the sentimental mumbo jumbo, let's do this b@#*$

For your Consideration:
Never Link Up, Never Linkender.

He's Electric, Incandescent, and always Eloquent, Andrew from Encore's World of Film & TV gives you the lowdown on Black Swan (Castor, you may like this).

Never one to waste space, Cheri Passell of the delightful Love Italian Movies battles common place criticisms on why Americans don't watch foreign films anymore.

Were critics being Scrooges this Christmas when they put the beat down on Tron: Legacy? Novelist and film buff Alex J. Cavanaugh thinks so.

Dylan, Jason, Nick, and James take on the arduous task of counting down the top 10 LAMBCast highlights in episode 50!

GManReviews needs your help! The inaugural Jamaican Blog Awards are kicking off and time is running out for you to cast your vote and support a fellow LAMB.

Poll Update:
You think I don't know what you're trying to do? Out there day and night with your eye patches, tackling universal qualms through southern spirited bad-assery. Well no more, I tell you! I'm taking back this blog. It's MARCH OF THE UNIVARNS. *sound horn*

1. 8 votes: Awesome! (in all cases except The Mummy 2)
2. 6 votes: Arrrrrgh! (drink up me hearties)
3. 1 vote: Annoying.. (spoil-sport, I thought you loved me?)

New Poll: This week I turn it over entirely to you. You pick the categories my blog can most improve on in 2011, and, if you have the chance, comment on why you think so!

Video of the Week:
A great video I found via twitter yesterday, thought I'd share it. Not just something that is applicable in our daily lives, but here in blogging as well.

Typography from Ronnie Bruce on Vimeo.

Enjoy your week ladies and gentlemen.

5 better thoughts:

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks for the mention! I need to get my January movie preview up this week, although not a lot happening next month.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Ah, Linked! Thanks.

(And the only thing good about The Mummy II was Rachel Weisz.

Castor said...

Ahaha I already read Andrew's review last night. Indeed, we had the same thoughts on the movies!

Andrew Robinson said...

Thanks for the mention with my award nomination Univarn; much appreciated mate.

Univarn said...

@AlexJ Yeah, very little in January I'm looking forward too :\

@Andrew I hate to say this, but lots of times that's the case with her movies...

@Castor Yep, I thought so when I read it as well ;)

@Andrew No problem - good luck!

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