Monday, December 13, 2010

The Monday Corner 12/13/2010

While watching Inception this week for the second time I found myself stuck on one point - Limbo. I just couldn't help myself. Every time they mentioned it I kept thinking of mariachi bands, a wooden pole, and a group of questionably sober people flopping on the ground trying desperately to keep their neck and head straight. I know it kind of kills the 'buzz' from the film, but on some level I wonder if it doesn't help make it better. Besides, who wouldn't want to see DiCaprio, Watanabe, Murphy, Page, and Cotillard settle it all with a big limbo competition!? It would be indisputably the greatest ending ever.

For your Consideration:
Do you know what I do? Oscillation is a byproduct of a Linknation

Dark of the Matinee sits down with Oscar nominated visual effects artist Douglas Trumbull for a one to one conversation on 2001 A Space Odyssey, CGI, and more!

I Love You Phillip Morris stars Jim Carey and Ewan McGregor discuss their latest film and more over at gmanReviews!

Musings From My Favorite Films goes deep and honest as it examines the role of Confessions and Forgiving in cinema, specifically Home Alone.

The Film Cynics deliver their five greatest film Sergeants ever! Number one may be predictable, but oh so delectable.

Last, but certainly not least, a big announcement for our former LAMB master graced the internet this past Saturday. If you haven't gone over there and said your congratulations, do so now, or fear the wrath of the Uni!

Poll Update:
It seems that dropping a program none of you used to bump up my poll did some good. Yay!

Results: I Watch Christmas Films...
1. 14 votes: During the month leading up to Christmas (good for you - just be careful you don't overdose)
2. 5 votes: Here and there throughout the year (fair enough, It's a Wonderful Life is a 24/7 film!)
3. 4 votes: Never (I understand, we aren't all the same and it's what makes us beautiful!)
4. 1 vote: Only on Christmas day (the only purist in the room, no worries I'll join yah)
5. 0 votes: All year long (no truly dedicated souls eh? oh well...)

New Poll: Tron is often considered one of the biggest 'cult' films in its own right. I want to know - what are your feelings towards the original Tron?

Odd One Out Poster Challenge:
This was without a doubt the most difficult week for me yet! You guys did a great job and I think are starting to catch on for the kind of answers I'm looking for. So, without further ado here's the week 3 winner:

"Inception is the odd one out because while the other films can be traced to the Marvel Universe, Inception is DC:

Poster #1: "From the director of Iron Man"
Poster #3: Star and poster-dude Paul Bettany played Jarvis in Iron Man 1 and 2
Poster #4: It's Thor. Durr.
So Poster #2 is the odd one out because Christopher Nolan/Michael Caine = Batman = DC"

Research skills + Comic Knowledge + Out of the box thinking = Insta-win!

Score of the Week:
I can never get enough of Elmer Bernstein. So this week I'm giving out some love to his work on To Kill a Mockingbird!

Hope you all enjoy the links above, be sure to comment, and stay classy :)

9 better thoughts:

Cheri Passell said...

Sorry I missed your poll - I watch Christmas movies all year long. Elf is good for a really bad mood.

Andrew Robinson said...

AWESOME!! I finally get linked... I there I thought you stopped reading.. :P; I gotta thank Marco for that interview though, he's awesome. I'm trying to get some interviews myself, but with no avail...

I'm actually quite disappointed that I didn't win the poster award; I tried really hard this week... need to be more creative with my response I see.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sugary provided a good arguement!

SugaryCynic said...

Yay! I won one!! Also, thanks, Alex, I knew my geekery would eventually serve me well one day. And Uni, now I can't stop picturing Saito and Cobb drunkenly limboing and I fear I can never watch Inception again but for the giggles. Curse you!! (shakes fist)

Univarn said...

@Cheri It's cool, and I agree some films always work year round.

@Andrew I always read, I just don't always have time to comment. Good luck on getting the interviews. Perhaps if you become a regular feature writer on that newspaper you'll be able to use it to boost your reputation.

You did a good job with the contest, but I think you should aim for less "I could go" and more "I will go" - I get a lot of answers with people telling me what they're not going to say. Which seems counterproductive to me.

Andrew Robinson said...


My biggest hurdle in getting interviews right now I'm finding is that they don't want to give out interviews to people - like myself - who can't go to a screening before the interview (due to the fact that I live out of the US). And some people are weary of sending out screeners. So trying to work on it.

Simon said...

Inception hallway scene limbo contest GO!


The Mad Hatter said...

Top billing! Holy time I'll send two dvd's!!

Univarn said...

@Andrew You'd think that in some cases that would be an advantage :P. In fact, one day soon, it very well may be.

@Simon It would have been awesome. Further proof that Nolan isn't the god they make him out to be.

@Mad *hear that* That's the sound of me not complaining :P - however it should be noted your getting a link here had nothing to do with the DVD and everything to do with your content :)

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