Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Not All Their Fault... Golden Globes

Every year around this time the Golden Globes go about the self-idolizing process of taking over a television channel, hiring a bunch of glamorous celebrities, and announcing all of their nominees, one by one, as members of the press, in person and at home, go "Yay, good pick... good pick... good... WTF!!?!?!... good pick... good pick... WTF!?!?!?"

After an hour or so these members of the press seek out their nearest soap box and write passionate articles about how the Golden Globes panders to big names, fails to present cinema professionally, and how they will boycott this years awards on sheer principle. A month later they're writing an article about the winners of the Golden Globes, and next year they go about the same process all over again.

You see, unlike mainstream media which often recognizes the power it has over the content it displays, the film press generally act as slaves to the news that comes from Hollywood. The ever present - "if I don't post it someone else will" - mentality gives institutions like the Golden Globes the power they so desire. They can do anything and, while you'll throw up a fuss, when it comes time for them to present their awards you'll be sitting there in wait. Even if the only reason you're waiting is a disgruntled hope that the stupid calls, you think they made, don't turn into stupid wins.

Power and influence are given as much as they are earned. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has power because they can afford television coverage, all news outlets cover their awards with multiple in depth articles, and there's a month long buildup with category breakdowns and predictions. They took what draws so many in about the Academy Awards and streamlined it, and the press bought it hook, line, and sinker.

Go out today and try to find one major film website that doesn't feature the golden globe nominations right there on the front page, maybe a column or two on the side. Now try and do it three times a week over the next month leading to the winners' presentation... it gets old quick. If you really want to do something about them, stop incessantly writing about them. Do no more for them than you would the AFI Awards, Broadcast Film Critics, or any of the other currently deemed 'lesser awards.' Remember, applied power can be taken away by those who apply it.

Add. Yes, I know there's a not so subtle double standard in calling for less Golden Globes coverage through a Golden Globes article, however I think the content speaks for itself (or at least I hope it does - yikes!)

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Anonymous said...

Good point, Univarn... and there are a few WTFs on the nom list for sure, though I'm glad to see those that I think deserve to be there. I'm sure I'm not the only one appalled by The Tourist's inclusion... it's as if the HFPA did it for sensationalism purpose. I mean, they can't seriously think it's an award-worthy film... or can they?? But then again, as Film Experience blog points out, there's the Judi Dench + Jennifer Love Hewiit in the same category so I guess ANYTHING is possible!

Castor said...

Let's bash this guy Univarn instead. Great idea!

Simon said...

But it's so fun to complain about what shit they are...

Univarn said...

@Flix I personally think we spend too much time complaining about the HFPA's and no time trying to do anything about them. It's as if the whole film society wants to them to be there as a focal point for their aggression.

@Castor :( please don't.

@Simon May be fun, but way too common place and repetitive.

CMrok93 said...

I always like the Golden Globes because I like their nominations mostly. But this year, just makes me laugh. The Tourist nominated for 3 awards??? You have got to be kidding me! I mean they could have at least nominated plenty of other films for Best Comedy. Here would have been my Nominations for Best Comedy:

Toy Story 3

Another Year

The Kids Are Alright

Easy A

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This one would have been a little been more interesting, than the one this year. But hey, I still will watch this year’s awards so it doesn’t bother me that much.

Fletch said...

Yeah...sorry...I gotta claim 'hypocrisy' on this one, Uni. You're just feeding the beast, man, even if you're making sense whilst doing so.

Univarn said...

@Fletch I'm criticizing those who complain about the Golden Globes then go on to write hundreds of post about them - analyze each pick - predict winners - do red carpet coverage - live winner breakdown - then complain again. I do this one little post and leave it be so it may be hypocrisy but I'm a fly in a room of albatrosses.

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