Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Obligatory DVD Release Post 11/2/2010

Top 3 survival tips when encountering a Honey Badger:

1. Cover you genitals
2. Run like hell
3. Make sure you've covered you're genitals again

Remember - they may be cute but they'll take your gonads. Guys you can never be too careful. With your privates on the line, safety could mean the difference between castration and conception.

New Releases:

Toy Story 3: Hello, I'd like to file a complaint. Yes, you see there's an issue with your toys. No, not those toys... the ones you keep in the "back room." Yes well, you see, they kept trying to run onto the set of the kids movie I'm making. I tried covering them up in the background as palm trees, hills, and caves but I'm not sure audiences bought it! There seems to be some defect in them that makes them seek out the camera. It's very embarrassing for me, as a director, to be filming a shot and then see a - well, you know - flying in front of the camera with a green wig! Please, can't you do anything about it? Think of the children!

My Review of Toy Story 3

Other Releases (yeah, that was pretty much it): Centurion (definitely a may see), Once Fallen (Once Upen?), ExTerminators (I want to disown the creators of that title), Cars Toon: Master's Tall Tales (Disney's influence on Pixar begins!), The Trial (guilty?), Regeneration (never heard of it)

Other Goodies:

The Goonies (25th Anniversary Edition + Blu-Ray): There's little else to say but please support your local Joe Pantoliano. The man had to do Cats & Dogs 2, CATS & DOGS 2!!!! What's wrong with you people! I feel ashamed of you. Get JP back where he belongs... somewhere near the lineup for Bad Boys 3! (I kid I kid, I love Pantoliano)

Clint Eastwood: 35 Films 35 Years: Kelly's Heroes, Dirty Harry, Unforgiven, Perfect World, Letters from Iwo Jima. If this collection had The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly I would require an immediate change of undergarments. This is a rather awesome collection, makes me wish I didn't already own 1/3rd of the movies.

The Sound of Music (45th Anniversary Edition + Blu-Ray): Austrian Julie Andrews, oh how I love thee! It's been ages since I've watched this, I believe another viewing is in order.

 Other Noteworthy Releases: Highlander (Blu-Ray), The Pacific - Mini-Series (not as good as BoB but still fine), Nightmare Before Christmas (Collector's Edition), The Bridge on the River Kwai (Blu-Ray set)

That's all ladies, gents, and caterpillars, enjoy your DVD hunting!

4 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

Geez - light week. Loved TS3 though, so at least there's that.

Castor said...

Umm short list... Just about everyone on Earth has seen Toy Story 3 :)

Univarn said...

@Mad & Castor - Yeah very weak week (love the double W) but TS3... "yay?"

Dan said...

I didn't realise The Pacific was out. So thanks for the heads-up. I enjoyed it but agree with your assessment - it isn't as good as Band of Brothers. The series seemed to lose its way towards the end for me...the first few episodes are great though.

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