Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Sunday Question: Halloween Style

Welcome to a very special Halloween edition of the Sunday Question. The place where you get to rant, rave, rebuke, rebut, or any other argumentative 'r' word you can think of whenever I come up with a good question.

This Week's Prompt: It's Halloween. All of your friends are at your house for 2 hours tonight to watch a scary movie. You want one that is going to destroy their sense, and scare them to hell. WHAT Is Your Go to Movie?

Considerations: First and foremost you want a movie they haven't seen, so obscurity in choice is a solid pick. Secondly you want a movie that's not also going to scare the *@#$ out of you (would kind of ruin the moment). Thirdly it needs to be a movie that will be worthy of mention as a film buff. We could all go House of Wax for the sheer terror of Paris Hilton's placid acting, but I'm talking proper scary. Trapped in a hole, chased by a monster, whatever. Make your case!


4 better thoughts:

MovieNut14 said...

That's easy: Psycho. It's not too scary, but it's scary enough to mess a few people up.

BTW, nice tweaking of the photo.

Simon said...

If I'm goinjg for shock, Cannibal Holocaust. Genuinely scary slasher, Suspiria.

SugaryCynic said...

I feel like Event Horizon's always good for freaking the crap out of someone but from experience, I find the old standby the original Halloween works just fine. That Michael Meyers is one creepy mother.

Dan said...

A film that is going to scare but that no one has seen - Them ("Ils"). Great little European horror that taps into contemporary fears plaguing society today and remains unfairly ignored. Here's my review of the film -

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