Friday, October 29, 2010

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post 10/29/2010

Halloween weekend is upon us! Well I say us, I mean those of us around here that bother to celebrate it. I don't really do much for Halloween. I may help in the handing out of candy, and shall probably check out a movie I haven't seen, but overall my general opinion is meh. Though I should note that I wasn't always that way. One Halloween I even won a prize for my Riddler costume (you guessed it, based on the super awesome original 3rd Batman - Batman Forever) with appropriate metal cane and entire green attire. To be honest I was really just Fat Riddler. More of what would happen had The Riddler and The Penguin mated and created some sort of satirical, off-color, super-villain. Never stopped me from being damned proud of that costume though. (no, I don't have pictures, and if I do I don't want to know).

Wide Releases:

Saw 3D:  This is the end... Beautiful Friend... This is the end... Yeah, you know the rest of the lyrics. If not, hopefully you know the song at least. My general viewpoint on songs is that if I've heard of it and you haven't, something is most seriously wrong with you.... ostensibly my soul mate.

I have a horrid feeling with this they're going to do a dreadful tie in with Cary Elwes character having been the next apprentice all along. Let's be honest they want to end it, but in a way that if they feel an opportunity to bring it all back in 2 or 3 years that door is still open. The horrid commercial doesn't help my viewing potential much either. Has any trailer in the last few years more loudly screamed "we're so milking it?" Dear Saw producers - The cow's dead, the utter's dry, just let go!

Limited Releases:

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest: Now I'm not expert in the field of Hornetology (yes I just made that up), but I have very recently been attacked, and bitten, by a Hornet and I can tell you it hurts like hell. So I find this title rather disturbing. Of course I'm sure TGWKTHN (you sort it out) will wonderfully tackle one woman's efforts to subvert her dystopian society, while wearing incredibly tight leather (my god have you seen the posters?). Or it'll have something to do with Noomi fighting aliens in an effort to secure future gigs. Who knows?

Monsters: 2 Theaters! Apparently this movie is available to people with XBox Live (*shrug*) and through Amazon, or was on some On Demand thingy. To be quite honest, trying to find this movie is a bit like getting lost in a mist made from the remnants of marijuana smoke. You're quite sure you want to find what you're looking for, but there's a certain calm in not knowing what's going on around you. After a while you decide the best course of action is to just rest on a couch and wait for the thing to come to you. That's my approach, hope it works out for the best.

Welcome to the Rileys: Oh oh oh this is that one movie with that one girl from Twilight. Oh, come on, what the hell was her name!? James Gandolfini? No, that was the guy from Crimson Tide... (bet you were expecting a Sopranos reference there weren't you? ADMIT IT! Glad to disappoint!). Melissa Leo! No She was in Frozen River. Getting closer though - at least I'm onto the right gender. Ah wait, Kristen Stewart! Man, whatever happened to the tomboyish, but still weirdly sexy (at the time it came out I was still under 18 so it's not weird! *cough*), girl from Panic Room? I miss her....

Wild Target: Nine times out of ten it's a bad sign when your commercial opts for a voice over on any level. When the entire commercial receives the voice over seal of usefulness... downright disaster is the only course. Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt, Rupert Everett, Martin Freeman, and yes, even Rupert Grint may be just enough to get me to see this on DVD.

Aftershock: I've always found the word "after" to be a bit useless. Whenever anyone describes a shock they're generally describing it in the past tense, unless they happen to be clairvoyant of course. For example, someone may say: "I was shocked." They don't say: "I was experiencing a Duringshock!" It sounds stupid. Though not quite so bad as a "CorrectlyPredictedPriortoOccuranceshock" which is just annoying to type (and say I imagine). I suppose it makes sense in describing things in past tense but it ultimately leads to the horrid: "I was shocked when the Aftershock hit us just like Bob predicted!" or as it will forever be called the: "CorrectlyPredictedPriortoOccuranceDuringAftershock" Really, it just gets out of hand people.

Luckily enough this movie does look like an engrossing human tale that I could see myself being utterly immersed in. However it should be noted IMDB and Box Office Mojo disagree on the release date so keep an eye out at your local theaters.

That's all folks! Be sure to tune back in tomorrow with reviews for The Phantom of the Opera and Nosferatu (1925 and 1922 respectively). With Sunday coming my review of THE THING - my #1 horror film of all time (and number 34 on my top 100).

5 better thoughts:

SugaryCynic said...

I've never heard of wild target but with that cast I feel obligated to check it out. The Halloween dance at school allows to continue treating Halloween as if I were six years old. Goin' as Ramona Flowers with my league of evil ex's

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hope Monsters comes to those who wait, because it's an excellent film!

Castor said...

The last week of October, finally... For the most part a terrible month of movies, haven't been to the theater once :(

Simon said...

This weekend gives me a headache. I headache, I tell you!

But mostly because my blog is being blitz-attacked with ads. I don't know where they came from, but I can't make them go away...

Univarn said...

@Sugary Hopefully you're alone going as that - though an evil-ex vs. evil ex group battle would be fun. Personally - I'm going as a 23 year old white male with an overt fondness for khakis and polo shirts.

@AlexJ I'll be certain to keep an eye out but it's not here yet.

@Castor I would concur this October has been incredibly dry. Nothing to wet anyone's appetite.

@Simon I get about two or three ad attacks a week but nothing too bad. Hopefully they go away soon! There should be an option to block certain ips or people from commenting on your blog.

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