Friday, October 1, 2010

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post 10/1/2010

Do you know the cinema man?

The cinema man?

Yeah, the one that lives on Drury Lane.

Oh yeah him, what a jerk.

I'd agree, but my god, what fabulous muffins.

I know right!? You'd think he'd get himself a new name....

Yeah, something like The Muffin Man.... OMG!!!!!!!!


The Social Network: Dear People Who Hate Armond White, Stop. You haven't seen the film yet, so what are bitching and moaning about? The predetermined hype? The fact that, oh no, it's not 100% on RT? Who cares....? You. That's it. Just you. It's sad to be honest. I don't agree with everything Armond White says, but I will always protect his right, as a human being, to not like something he's seen. Your presumption that just because everyone a majority of critics like something, means all should is arrogant, and egotistical. It's not fair to those who don't like it, and to be honest it's no guarantee all will like it. So back off the guy some. If you don't agree with him, know you don't agree with him, why do you continue to read and complain about him? I don't suppose there's been a rampant rising of masochists in the online realm, though that would hardly be surprising. To be honest, no matter how high you like to think of yourself, you're worse than White could ever be for expressing his opinion, and I feel sorry for you.

Let Me In: Will I ever give this Let The Right One In a chance? I'm not entirely sure. On some level I'd like to say yes, of course I would! Since I hate being presumptuous about movies, especially remakes (which I feel a desire to defend from a multi-interpretation standpoint, even if I feel them unnecessary). There's a certain appeal to the young actors in this film that draws me towards it, and makes me want for it to succeed. Still, I hold such a great appreciation towards the original (giving out one of my rare 9's on the first viewing) , I fear as if the American remake here demeans it on some level. As of right now I'm keeping it safely in my definite DVD checkout bin.

Case 39: It's never a good sign when your movie takes 4 years to get a release. It's even worse of a sign when it's US release is more of an afterthought, despite hosting a mostly US crew. Does that mean it will be bad? Of course not. It just means I'm in absolutely no hurry to see it anytime soon.

Limited Releases:

Barry Munday (LA/NY): Fat Patrick Wilson + Pregnant Judy Greer = For the Win? Let's be honest, most movies could use some more Judy Greer in them. I think that's an established fact.

Chain Letter: Well, you see, it's about this chain letter that's going around right, and well these people they read it, and they're like OMG! (Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) And then they see it's from this guy, who is like totally a killer (I'm listening) who will kill anyone who stops the chain! (Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz - so basically this is the spiritual sequel to The Ring without any of the awesome Naomi Watts, no thanks)

Hatchet 2: If I hadn't listened to the latest LAMBCast I wouldn't have known there was a Hatchet 1. Though I did see Tony Todd was apart of the cast so, yay there.

Freakonomics: Right, I'm about out of things to say, so incentive based thinking = interesting, rest = not so much. Sounds like a possible DVD rental but I'm not sure I'll hold onto that thought for too long.

Enjoy your movie hunting weekend!

11 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

1 - My review of LET ME IN is up this morning. It's better than you'd expect it to be, so do give it a look.

2 - I stopped paying attention to Armond White back when he couldn't name any other critic he respected back on the /Filmcast. And I'm with you, raging against someone who dares to dissent a 100% rating is moronic.

3 - I wanna see SOCIAL NETWORK now! Is it 7pm yet??

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

Let Me In is a British remake by none other than the resurrected Hammer Studios! So I'll definitely check it out sometime, probably when it gets a DVD release. Looking forward to their upcoming Woman In Black picture starring Harry Potter.

SugaryCynic said...

Rabid fanboys screaming at him besides, Armond White is kind of a butt. I don't think I can make myself see Let Me In. I loved the hell out of Chloe Moretz in Kick-Ass but there are so many things to hate about this movie: Let The Right One In JUST flippin came out, it was plenty accessible to U.S. audiences and this movie doesn't look like a remake or retelling, it looks like a bloodier, shot-for-shot aping.

Rant over :D

The Mad Hatter said...

@ Sugary... You'd be surprised at how well LET ME IN is handled. This is not a Michael Bay retelling of that beautiful Swedish original.

You're right, LTROI just came out, but very few people actually went to see it...and it wasn't really as accessible as you'd think.

Give it a least on dvd.

Univarn said...

@Mad Haha, keep your pants on for SN I'm sure it'll come soon (I recommend running around at work screaming POPSICLE to pass the time). I'm not sure when I'll watch SN, but I got to see it before next Saturday's LAMBCast recording

@MVP I did not know Hammer was back. Interesante.

@Sugary I'd make no argument that White is a bit of a dick, and most definitely full of himself, but that doesn't mean he should get lambasted for not liking a film.

Simon said...

I want to see the Social Network.

Case 39 looks pitiful when you put it up against Let Me/The Right One/ In.

Castor said...

All the hype for The Social Network might get me into the theather sooner rather than later even though I wasn't planning to see it... Then given all the hype, I will likely end up mildly disappointed and wondering why everyone is raving about it.

SugaryCynic said...

@Mad: All right, that's heartening. And I was going to see it on DVD eventually, but I just can't go see it in theaters, I'm too much of a fangirl >.<

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I agree with you on Let Me In. I heard it's good, but... the orginal was brilliant.

Mike Lippert said...

Univarn- I kind of lost it with White when he said that 1) Precious was bad when set against great black movies like Norbit and 2) that TRansformers 2 had the best canted angles in film history. Sure White is a good writer and has written some good pieces in the past but it seems like these days he's just out to promote himself through controversy rather than making valid critical claims, although I do wonder if all of those who do bitch about him actually read his work?

I don't know what everyone thinks is so special about LTROI. Sure it's a very good movie but brilliant? A masterpiece? Nah.

Univarn said...

@Mike Oh, I'm not saying he should win "Man of the Year" or anything. Rather that, no matter how much of an arrogant *insert jibe here* he may be, he's fully entitled to give any film, any score, he wants.

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