Friday, September 3, 2010

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post 9/3/2010

I dub this weekend: Any other year that would have been a limited release weekend! Which I suppose is nice for getting more genre-thematic films out there. As well as lower budget films. Granted I'm sure we'll be reading all about "bombs" and "low box office numbers" come Sunday. Still, it's hard to say this year's been a great one for cinema. All aboard the train!

Wide Release

Machete: This is the one film I'm most surprised is getting a wide release. It's very much a genre comedy, and while I'm sure us bloggers will eat up the references I expect most people to go "woah explosion!" "woah sex!" "woah...". Yeah, that's a 3 woah scale. Which is high in any usual woah scale, but Machete needs more than that to make big money. I just hope movies like these bring light to the awesomeness of Danny Trejo, and help reignite Robert Rodriguez's eh career. At what point does Sharkboy and Lava Girl become a cinematic tragedy?

The American (wednesday): A slow thriller, character study, also getting a wide release. Well, let's see. George Clooney = check. Other people = there. Film = success? Perhaps not. Even the commercials couldn't make this look fast paced, and action packed (despite their best efforts). No, I'm going to go ahead and say this is another good film, that'll be received by a general meh from the mainstream public. To be honest the filmmakers are lucky it's not set in the Middle East or it would really have been a bomb.

Going the Distance: Perhaps the only film that looks like your typical (if I dare even call it that) weekend release. I don't doubt that it's a fine film, though reviews put it in the mediocre range, I just don't have a lot of care to see it. Though I do like Barrymore and Long, but them alone aren't enough to peak my interest. Will they get the public on the other hand? Well, that'll have to wait to be seen.

Can any of these spark a September surprise? I doubt it, but you never know.

Limited Releases

The Winning Season: Sam Rockwell = yay! Rest of cast = OK then (Emma Roberts is quite captivating though). Unfortunately reading the synopsis for this reminds me too much of that horrid Martin Lawrence film Rebound, and immediately puts me off. Perhaps this'll be a good DVD rental down the road?

Mesrine: Public Enemy #1: Vincent Cassel is another one of those talent "recognize face, not name" actors who has deserved more credit than he's gotten the past few years. I can only hope the combo of this US release, and Black Swawn helps put him more into the minds of casting directors across the nation. I know his career has been short, but he's been good in just about everything, regardless of film quality.

Well ladies and gents, that's really about all I have to talk about this week. I hope you all enjoy your film going weekend, with whatever you choose!

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Alex said...


The Mad Hatter said...

If I'm seeing anything this weekend, I'm doubling back to GET LOW. I was gonna choose THE AMERICAN but I promised a buddy I'd wait up for him, and he's tied up all weekend.

(We're both big fans of Corbijn's work)

PS - Not to spoil anything, but MACHETE includes one of ther best sound effects ever. It involves a cell phone.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Checking out Machete tomorrow!

Simon said...

Machete! Woo!

snobbyfilmguy said...

I really wanna see Mesrine. I've heard a small buzzing sound relating that film to the Oscars. I have my doubts but I also have my hopes for Cassel.

Castor said...

Sort of want to see Machete but after being badly disappointed with The Expendables, I'm in no hurry. The American, I'm sure I will end up seeing prior to Awards season so no rush there ;)

Danny King said...

I saw "The American" on opening day because I was really anticipating it. I just posted my review tonight.

I am planning to catch up with "Get Low" this weekend, which I have had trouble getting excited for. I'm not sure why.

GoodOldParanoia said...

I was really looking forward to see Machete until I ran into Hobo with a gunshot's trailer... I didn't know they were working on that one too! Hey, great blog BTW. I'll be around :) Alina

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