Friday, September 10, 2010

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post 9/10/2010

Look on the plus side everyone, at least we'll always have heroin. And cocaine. And marijuana for that matter. Maybe not PCP, but speed is easy enough. All I'm really trying to say is, I think we can get through this week if we just ban together. Take enough narcotics, and hope it all just goes away.

Wide Release:

Resident Evil - Afterlife: If you're wondering if my lack of an "s" after "Release" is a mistake, you'll note it's not. This is, in fact, the only wide release this week. Never in my life have I ever wished more so than now that I was in Toronto at TIFF. To say I'm not a fan of the Resident Evil series (particular the latest installments, the first was OK) would be a grave understatement.To be fair I'm about as likely to watch Sex and the City 2 than sit through 2 hours of non-nonsensical explosions and flying sunglasses (Blade 2 and MI2 have already claimed domain P WS Anderson, or do you plan to steal your entire career from others?). I know the movie has already gained the fanboy seal of "oh shiny explains, I need a new pair of pants" approval. Yet, I am not built of that mold. Nor would I really want to be. So, have at it ladies and gents. You've decided counter-culture cinema is too different for you. And, as always, PWSA is right there to lay on a heavy dose of regurgitated cinema for your viewing enjoyment.

Limited Releases:

I'm Still Here: The limited releases this week are the only thing keeping me from completely secluding myself in a dark cellar, informing only to open upon release of good films. Not because they'll be in NC anytime soon (they won't), but because I know somewhere out there, they're people at least trying. This movie might look as fake as it does real. Perhaps an exploitative jab at middle age crisis, or a real meltdown. Whose to say? I just know I could do with a bit more Joaquin Pheonix...

The Virginity Hit: Does this sound like an amazing film? Hardly. Does it sound like it could be modestly fun? Sure, why not. The talent involved might be a coveted collection of "who?" but I hold some faith it can be appealing. In a DVD/Cable viewing sort of way.

Heartbreaker: Taking France by storm, now it sets its sight on the USA (and other places...). I'm not sure if the film really appeals to me, but I've heard nothing but good things. Hard to say no if an opportunity presents itself.

Bran Nue Dae: Geoffry Rush + Australian Musical? You had me at hello.

The Romantics: Josh Duhamel tries to do a bit more of an edgy romance/drama. OK then. Anna Paquin and Katie Holmes might be good, but an 18% on RT tells me, caution would be the best choice here.

Legendary: John Cena... god no. Patricia Clarkson.... well, maybe one quick look. Danny Glover... oh hell yeah! John Cena... ah god, please no. Please, make him stop. No no nooooooooooooooo! Sorry, after watching The Marine I've constantly had these nightmares. Some say it's PTSD. That movies did horrid things to people. Just horrid. The likes of which can never truly be forgiven. Except for Robert Patrick of course. He has a universal get out of blame free card.

Yes, that's a lot of limited releases. If only our Wide Releases had such high ambition.

4 better thoughts:

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The Resident Evil series is worth a watch on NetFlix, but I'm not venturing out of the house to see it.

The Mad Hatter said...

According to Peter Travers at Rolling Stone, I'M STILL HERE is indeed something to check out. 'Course, if you don't wanna take Travers' word for it, you can always check The matinee tomorrow morning for my own take.

Happy Friday!

Simon said...

Fucking Cena, man.

Mike Lippert said...

I didn't even like the first Resident Evil when it came out back in the day and that kinda stuff was right up my ally.

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