Monday, September 20, 2010

The Monday Corner 9/20/2010

A quick notice:

As I'm sure you're all eagerly awaiting, Episode 4 of The Film Enigma will be up and ready to go this Thursday! (baring any unforeseen deterrents)

Will someone finally crack my Odd one out round? Or will they be able to uncover the truth and get my hard question right? Perhaps they'll only need 3 clues to know a film? Well, you'll have to tune in to find out!

For your Consideration:
You link because you're happy. And you're happy because you link. It's a beautiful cycle.

Fletch's 30 Days of Crazy over at Blog Cabins has brought out some of the most creative posts I've seen in a long while. Rachel, of Rachel's Reel Reviews (see link below), has a brilliant take on Identity.

Japan Cinema gives out the rare A for the 2010 anime film Redline, click to find out why!

Film Forager geared up for the release of Easy A by letting us know her top 5 teen comedies. Of course I wouldn't know anything about them. I never was a teenager. I went from 12 to 3 and have been there ever since (damn you Benjamin Button!)

Kid in the Front Row pleads with his readers not to keep their talents at bay and to seek out the world and use them! Note to the untalented: be sure you read the core requirements first.

Should your opinion be cast aside because you haven't seen certain movies? Rachel's Reel Reviews lists 3 times she's been left on the debate curbside because of it.

The Incredible Suit is a near infinite supply of entertainment, and this week is no different as they to decipher the real star of the upcoming film The Tourist.

Poll Update:
Well I'm glad more of you voted, and I'm glad you all voted generally where I figured you would. Just be sure to be careful of the fine line between gauge and decide. Otherwise you might as well just sell your free will (or as close as one human can come) before it's too late.

1. 10 votes: Help gauge my interest (This is at most what a trailer should be. A great trailer can sell you on a crap film, you always have to keep that in mind).
2. 4 votes: Are gun teasers at best (this is a solid choice, and probably where I would vote. As I said above trailers are sell points, not defining examples)
3. (tie) 1 vote: Entertaining/Pointless & Avoided (Especially when it comes to the spoiler ones - i.e. 2009's Moon trailer)
4. 0 votes: Defines what I see (thank god none of you voted here or I would have wept).

New Poll: I'm curious to know - how many movie posters line your walls?

Plea Film Fact of the Week:
Ok, as you all know I love listening to your podcasts. Most of yours are brilliant, funny, and full of their own unique spins. Unfortunately I just have to ask one favor: Please watch your length. I know it's not easy to get them all in under an hour, but I have about 5 I try to listen to with any regularity and I don't always have 8 - 10 hours a week to do so. It'll also be increasingly difficult as I fall back into the realm of my favorite TV shows. So please keep an eye out when you're cranking out those final edits!

Have a great week everyone! And remember, when it comes to Herpes, just say no.

10 better thoughts:

MovieNut14 said...

The posters I have in my room are:

Back to the Future
The Godfather

I also have a poster for The Dark Knight which I haven't hung up yet.

Castor said...

I agree with podcasts. Personally, I think they should be half an hour at the most. I would be much more likely to tune in regularly if it didn't take a major fraction of my free time to listen to them.

filmgeek said...

I have shit loads of movie posters (picked up a a couple of dozen for peanuts at an old DVD rental place last summer) but because my room is so small I can only hang a few at a time. And cos they're my pride and joy, they're framed. At the moment I have Breakfast At Tiffany's, the Wizard of Oz, the Hollywood sign and James Dean. I also have an awesome framed Casablanca poster lying around somewhere... There's loads I want though. One day I'm gonna have an awesome studio apartment with framed movie posters on every wall and a super sexy film-journo-based office and mini cinema room. I don't need a kitchen :p

Heather said...

Rachel and Cello's posts were fantastic.

Also just wanted to let you know that Seven Samurai is finally on deck to be watched as soon as I finish Citizen Kane!

Japan Cinema said...

Finally Heather, you get around to Seven Samurai!! YEAA!!

Thanks for the shout out my friend! Mucho appreciated.

Univarn said...

@MovieNut Wow. That's a solid collection there. You should watch Anatomy of a Murder so you can get that poster, it's just pure awesome.

@Castor My point exactly. At some level it becomes more of a chore than a good time.

@filmgeek You should specifically request an apartment with a room designed just for posters. Who needs a library or office anyway?

@Heather Awesome! can't wait to hear your views on it.

@Japan No problem buddy, you keep writing reviews and I'll keep reading them.

Simon said...

Oh, please, Herpes? Crabs is where it's at.

Rachel said...

Wow, thanks for all the promo love, Univarn! I was afraid that Identity post would be too out there, but I'm glad people found the humor in it.

(Thanks too, Heather!)

Fletch said...

I have a bunch of posters, but they're all in tubes nowadays. :( Need a bigger house with a dedicated room for all that shit.

I don't know if y'all are including my little podcast in that mix, but know this: I'm trying. I am trying like hell to get the show under an hour. I know I personally prefer a show of that's just that when you have 4 or 5 people, it's a lot harder to cover anything in 30 minutes compared to shows with 2 or 3 people. But I've recently cut it to one trailer and dropped the plugs (though I did add a new feature). The shows have been all around 70 minutes lately, but I think I can get #40 down closer to 60. Be patient...

Oh, and thanks for plugging the Craziness!

Rachel said...

Jess and I have a rule to always keep Reel Insight under an hour. I've had to cut 30-45 minutes out of the recording in order to stick to that rule. I'm sure it'll be even more difficult to do once we start having a monthly guest.

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