Monday, August 30, 2010

The Monday Corner 8/30/2010

Dialogue from the book I'll never write:

Sergeant: "General, we must act quickly! President Oprah's off her medication, stock market prices are rising, and the jujubees are invading Poland! What are we to do!?"

General: "God dammit man, I'm a General not a Pizza delivery boy! I'm not trained to handle these kind of situations!!"

Sergeant: "Sorry sir, but it's your call."

General: "Well, there's only one thing we can do: call Rambo."

For your Consideration:
A good blend of new and old this week, hope you give all fair attention!

New blogger Snobby Film Guy wrote an interesting piece this week on Child Innocence and its role in the 2005 film: A History of Violence

The lovely Mad Hatter of Dark of the Matinee breaks down his sick down, film by film. Oh, if only I had his dedication to watch so many movies in one day!

Kai of The List teams up with Fletch (Blog Cabins), Heather (Movie Mobsters), Marshall (Marshall and the Movies), and Wynter Tyson (CinemaScream) to let you know: THE FILMS You Didn't Know you Needed to See.

Castor and Red of Anomalous Material are breaking down the top 25 actresses under 35 (they're also doing actors as well). Because let's be honest - they don't have nearly enough projects/events going on as is.

And last, but astronomically far from least, Chase of The Ludovico Technique counts off his favorite: John Carpenter Soundtracks. Seriously, the guy's got a million of insanely awesome ones.

Poll Update:
Either this week's poll sucked, or you guys didn't care enough to vote. Low numbers, and I feel sad.

Results: What will you be watching this week?
1. 5 votes: Something Old on DVD
2. (tie) 2 votes: Something New on DVD & Something I've Missed - Theaters
3. 1 vote: The Last Exorcism
4. Other crap (though I should note had multiple Centurion comment write-ins)

New Poll: I'm going old school, I want to know: How many movies do you watch during a "normal" week?

Interesting Film Fact of the Week:
- This is one of my favorite film facts of all time: Originally Michael Jackson inquired about the possibility of having a cameo scene in Guilmero Del Toro's Blade 2. The scene Jackson was to play was a role of a vampire gently removing human entrails from a box during the House of Pain sequence. Unfortunately Jackson never got to do the cameo due to scheduling reasons, but the scene was shot with a stand-in actor anyway. Though the scene was ultimately cut for pacing reasons though it does appear on the DVD deleted scenes (extended sequence).

7 better thoughts:

MovieNut14 said...

Well, that depends. If it's a school week, just two (one of Friday, one on Saturday; maybe more if it's a three-day weekend). If it's a vacation, I try to get to get a movie a day in.

Alex said...

I'm more of a 5-8 person but I chose 4-6 since I guess that's the most realistic. When I was in hs I'd often watch several a day because we had so many movie channels and I'd have them on while I did my homework.

Also that's an interesting thing about Blade 2. I watched it a few months ago for the first time but I forgot to check out the extra features!

The Mad Hatter said...

Wasn't so much dedication as it was trying to fight boredom and grumpiness. It's only the sort of thing you can do when you have next-to-no energy...and thus feel like doing nothing else that day.

Castor said...

Ahah Ryan, we had to launch something new with 31DBBB and the Comedy tournament coming to an end. We need to keep the masses entertained! Thanks for the link :)

Simon said...

That cameo would've been awesome. Just awesome.

Univarn said...

@MovieNut Either or, if anything just average it out and go that way :). For me it's always based on mood so I'm always changing.

@Alex I would have thought that while I'm at home I would watch more since I've yet to get a job and am simply waiting around. Alas, I seem to do other stuff more (read, chores, anime, etc.) and few movies have I snuck in.

@Mad I know, but I can't pass up an opportunity to rail on you. Regardless of the circumstances :)

@Castor No problem. You know, I'm regretting having requested the blog review and not the 7Samurai review that I could have received if I had not thought it would be done by now otherwise. Be forewarned, while I don't comment as much as I used to, I might say every comment I post on there might end with the caveat "Seven Samurai review or death!"

@Simon Oh yes, it would have been.

Chase Kahn said...

It's really quite easy to watch a bunch of movies in one day when you're really sick. Normally, participating in a day-long marathon has its drawbacks because after two movies you have bed head and you just feel disgusting, but if you're sick...who cares? It feels kind of awesome.

I can't wait to be sick again...

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