Monday, August 23, 2010

The Monday Corner 8/23/2010

Steps for surviving alien invasion:

1. Invest in chocolate chip cookies
2. Offer chocolate chip cookies to the aliens
3. Accept their new kingship
4. Leave with aliens, start new life elsewhere

The beauty of surviving hypothetical situations: it doesn't have to be realistic.

For your Consideration:
If I ever decide to stop doing the Monday Corner I've decided it should go like this:
9 links the first of the final weeks.
7 links the next week.
3 links following that.
1 link to top it all off.
If you get why I would do that, I would just like to tell you: I love you.

Often debated, but never replicated, Simon of Four of Them takes a look at the marketing of Controversial Films.

Andrew is heating up the 2000's again, this time taking Encore Entertainment into the realm of the top 25 tear jerker scenes of the decade, check out part one now.

Battle Royale with Cheese doesn't just have an awesome name, they've also got an article on Mystery Men, a movie I love for everything it is, and isn't (oh cheese, how yummy you are!).

Dracula Year Zero? Sam Worthington? (via Dezmaster of Hollywood Spy) Looks like all is go for this pairing. I only hope no glittering be present at the time of bloodshed.

Some Cast it Hot is back with Scott Pilgrim, and the work of Edgar Wright! If you're not already tuned in, be ashamed!

Three Years of The Dark of the Matinee! Amazing stuff, and worthy of immense praise, Mad Hatter celebrated his 3rd blog-a-versary this past week! Wish I had been there for all 3, but the 1 I have been for has been more than amazing. Here's to 3, among many, more!

Poll Update:
Zach Snyder, we're not sure we like you, but you sure are pretty to look at. Oh wait, I'm supposed to be talking about movies!!!! By the way the Sucker Punch trailer looks awesome, and I'm sure it will make 0 sense.

1. 17 votes: Pure Awesome
2. 3 votes: As Good as the Writing Allows (it's true he doesn't elevate meh written scenes much)
3. (tie) 2 votes: Never seen a ZS film and Mediocre at Best (I would say the jury is still out, especially if Punch flops)
4. 1 vote: An abomination (I wouldn't go that far, but he does leave those who don't like him well beyond arm's reach)
5. 0 votes: Weakening the experience (okie dokie pokie)

New Poll: So with another weekend of "wow that's all you've got," coming from Hollywood, I want to know which film, if any you're looking forward to this week.

Vacation Photos:
Since I spent two weeks visiting I figured there's no harm in sharing with you all some photos of my California exploits. So here we go:

The clouds encase Mt. Shasta and Shastina (the view is incredibly beautiful in real life)

The family pastime Yahtzee must be played daily, or all shall suffer!

A leisurely stroll with my Grandparents, Dave and Faye, on the streets of Mt. Shasta

Things go south when the young 2nd cousins decide Ryan is a good punching bag.

Me and my sister explore the deep Lava Tube Caverns of Northern Cali/Oregon.

Well, that's about all for today. You can check out more pictures from our adventure on my Facebook page. Feel free to friend me if you so desire! Laters all.

9 better thoughts:

MovieNut14 said...

That better be a really, really strong "if" on the ending of the Monday Corner.

Will said...

Mt. Shasta, cool! My grandparents lived in Lakehead for years so I've been up and around there many times. It's beautiful. Looks like a fine vacation.

MovieNut14 said...

Two things I forgot to mention before:

1) I'm somewhat surprised you didn't mention what's going on at Anomalous Material.

2) Today's the 23rd, not the 22nd as you mentioned above.

Castor said...

Nice pics! You better come up with a better plan than chocolate chip cookies to survive the Alien invasion. 2012 is just around the corner and they have been scouting our planet for centuries already!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I make some damn fine chocolate chip cookies. Guess I'll be safe.
Looking forward to Centurian this week. It's a free preview on Direct TV Wednesday night, so I'll see it before Friday's release.

Fletch said...

At long last...Takers finally gets its release! Praise be!

Oh wait, it looks like garbage. Though I am excited to see how badly it bombs, commercially and critically. Should be fun.

Cool pics - looks you had some quality family time. Who won at Yahtzee?

Simon said...

If that last link ever was a link to the first Monday Corner, I'd punch my computer screen and hope you felt it. Then I'd imagine shaking your hand, because what a good ruse, sir.

Right. Thanks for the link.

Univarn said...

@MovieNut It is a strong if. I wrote it more for the reference than the actuality of it... though nobody seems to have pointed out the reference :(

@Will Was definitely a fine vacation, one well needed.

@Castor Better than chocolate chip cookies? What blasphemy is this!

@AlexJ Centurian looks nice, but I'm not sold it'll be more than a DVD rental for me.

@Fletch I still can't get over how big of a douche everyone in the Takers poster looks. It literally kills me to look at it.

Oh, and I did very well the first few nights but my luck ran off as the week wore on.

@Simon You know I haven't thought of it, but now that you've mentioned it, if I ever did, that'd be exactly the kind of stupid thing I'd do :).

CS said...

The photo of Mt. Shasta looks amazing. I really need to venture out and tour the States. Glad you had a good vacation.

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