Monday, August 2, 2010

The Monday Corner 8/2/2010

Wow, August already!? Feels like just yesterday I was walking into a packed stadium graduating college. 2 months later, still no job, oh joy! I need a cookie.

Couple of things:

Thursday will bring episode 2 of The Film Enigma featuring Andrew of and Heather of so keep an eye out.

Wednesday night I catch a plane to Cali to visit my grandparents (they're about to turn 80 - here's to hoping we all live that long and as healthy as can be). So, my internet will likely be sporadic at best. If I don't post much, have no fear, I haven't forgotten about yah!

For your Consideration:
Link Kong the 9th Wonder of the World!

Anomalous Material's Greatest Comedy Tournament is entering the Sweet 16! Get your votes in, with each passing week they matter more and more!

Andrew from Encore's World of Film & TV posts a paper he wrote comparing 3 Hamlet adaptations (1948, 1990, and 1996), comparing and contrasting them all. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

Movie Mobsters
tackle the biggies with their Top 10 Summer Blockbusters!

Life of a Cinephile and Bibliophile turns 1 years old! While I would normally volunteer to sing happy birthday, I've been informed by singing is more along the lines of torture. And shall therefore encourage you all to head on over and show your support!

Film Forager
is kicking off a new series: Movie Sketch Project and the early reviews are in: awesome! Get on over there asap!

The Incredible Suit's gotta be one of the funniest movie bloggers you'll find. This week tackling Toy Story 3, 3D, and Pricklepants. Hey, I didn't make it up.

Poll Update:
Fanboys. Mention Christopher Nolan and they come out in droves. Mention themselves they hide in shadows. I don't trust 'em.

1. 8 votes: Weakening Cinema (I've always felt they're their own worst enemy - encouraging more of the same but despising the same thing).
2. 5 votes: Everthing I am! (ok, defend yourselves, comment section is your forum)
3. 4 votes: Good for the gambit (perhaps an argument could be made here)
4. 3 votes: Very Thing I despise (bit harsh, but I came up with the answers so fair enough)
5. 2 votes: Good for a few laughs (most definitely, reading them on RT is like Christmas every day)

New Poll: What will happen when Step Up - 3D hits theaters this weekend?

LiE News
- Ok, so in addition to the above, I'd also like to say I am working on having a Review directory up sometime in the near future. Hope it helps people with finding reviews who are new to the site. If not, oh well.

Have a great one everybody! Can't promise there will, or won't, be a Monday Corner next week. We'll have to play it by internet availability!

8 better thoughts:

Michele Emrath said...

Wow that's a lot of info! Best wishes to your grandparents--80!! And I hope to be around to read all of your posts soon...


The Mad Hatter said...

I'm liking all the new additions you're putting into the place! You're gonna have to talk me through adding them myself when you get back from all your running around.

MovieNut14 said...

At least you're done with school. I gotta go back to do my senior year of high school.

I'm thinkin' for Step Up 3-D, it's gonna C&B (crash and burn).

Thanks for the linkage, by the way.

Castor said...

Enjoy your time spent with your grandparents! We will all be here when you get back :) Thanks for the link!

Univarn said...

@Michelle Thanks! Some great posts there so be sure to check them out if you have the time.

@MadHatter I might be able to help some. Lots of the things I have are workarounds for things they already have.

@MovieNut I hope so. I can't stand Step Up and keep waiting for it to die off.

@Castor Anytime. If you're not still here I will file a formal complaint!

Alex said...

Thanks so much for the linkage! And I'm looking forward to the next episode of the The Film Enigma!

Dan said...

I've been voting furiously over at AM for the greatest comedy tournament but don't think I can save The Apartment from certain doom.

Heather said...

I'm feeling rather frustrated in the comedy tournament. It seems almost any flick I vote for is getting crushed. My only hope lasts with some African Swallows.

I am looking forward to hearing the cast, and I especially hope you include a few of the early bloopers. It was a ton of fun either way!

Thanks for the link love and I hope your trip was fantastical!

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