Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Obligatory DVD Release Post 7/20/2010

Welcome to 2010. Just joining us? Well, you're in for a treat! You see this year we've taken on a whole new motto at Hollywood. Quantity Defines Excellence! Are you as excited as we are? Nothing but movies movies movies! Quality be damned! If we can make it, quick, for more than necessary, and bitch when you don't watch it. We will!

Oh, exciting times lay ahead young followers.

New Releases

Cop Out: If you're wondering what that faint *ugh* is, it's the frailing sound of my last remaining objection to this year's film selections. Don't even have the money, nay the time, to see Winter's Bone. Now, as for Cop Out. To be frank, I'd rather expend two of my hours analyzing paint formations than watch it. Well, that may not be 100% true. But I am prone to hyperbole, and this movie looks worse than a dollar menu cheeseburger (I'll let you judge that as you will).

The Losers: I'm going to watch this. I don't know why. Perhaps some longing to see something that'll hold my attention for the duration of its runtime? I'm no fan of Chris Evans (his perfectly acceptable role in Sunshine aside), but I am pleased to see his roles have dwindled heavily following the removal of Johnny Storm from our viewing apparatus. Though the upcoming Captain America may prove that a painfully mute point.

The Runaways: I know this hasn't exactly lit up the blogging world, but it's pretty much the only new release I'm looking forward to with any anticipation. Not so much because I expect it to be great, but rather because it's a nice break from much of the drivel I've been talking myself out of seeing all year long. Sometimes different is best when too much of the same is present.

Other Releases: Mother (my other most anticipated week release), A Town Called Panic, The Most Dangerous Man in America, 2001 Maniacs

Other Goodies:

The Red Shoes (Criterion Release): I've said this before, and I'll say it again: The List of movies I have seen will be forever outweighed heavily by the list (or perhaps better put: series of novels) containing the names of films I've never seen, nor heard of. This one caught my eye, so I'm going to have to look into checking it out!

Happy DVD hunting. Perfect week to... once again... try some older movies that you've never seen. Perhaps checking out the latest additions to the Wal-mart $5 bin is in order (I don't like advertising, but that place is a gold mine for classic movie lovers)?

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Simon said...

Cop Out makes me want to punch something sentient.

The Runaways, I thought, was rather excellent, considering all the ways it could've gone wrong. Dakota Fanning's singing is questionable, and at times Kristen Stewart resumes that dead-eyed expression (accidentally, I'm sure), but otherwise, they're both good, and the movie itself was enjoyable.

The Red Shoes. Lovely.

Alex said...

See A Town Called Panic! One of the funniest, most surreal comedies ever, with awesome stop-motion animation.

Also The Runaways is pretty good- especially if you like their music. There are a few scenes that are basically music videos, which I dug since I love the songs, but might be too much if you're not especially into them. Fun time either way though.

The Mad Hatter said...

Mark me as a "ditto" for THE RED SHOES.

I thought the RUNAWAYS was "okay", a bit sloppy but certainly more passable as a renter. THE LOSERS is just good stupid fun (heavy emphasis on the second and third words).

By the by - during my venture stateside this weekend, I hit a Barnes & Noble to take advantage of their 50% Off Criterion Sale.

You'll be proud to know that i walked away with a copy of RASHOMON for the bar-goon price of $19.99

PS, sorry for the slight mockery in today's DOTM post. Couldn't help it.

Castor said...

Wow it feels like The Losers was in theater only a month or so ago. They releases these DVDs quicker and quicker these days. Nothing I really want to see but I will probably check out The Losers some day

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

I want to see the Losers, but alas I have to wait a month, you know why, it's Warner Brothers.

In terms of the $5 bin, I think Cop Out is released straight to the $5 bin so people might want to be careful and not assume everything in there is "classic".

Univarn said...

@Simon I'm still waiting for Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson to play siblings in a movie. I enjoy both (Twilight films aside), but I think they both have similar stares and styles. Though Emma definitely wins an act off.

@Alex How can I say no to a !

@Mad It's ok, reference away. Doubt anyone will get Helms is me anywho :). Besides picking up Rashomon more than makes up for it.

@Castor The Losers came out in late April, so not far off. I think the reason more are rushing to DVD is so many movies this year are bombing. Hell, even Sex and the City 2 couldn't crack $100m domestic and that had at least a $150m fan base/demo.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

I found The Runaways to be surprisingly enjoyable, pity it went out with a whimper and not a bang.

Heather said...

Poor Kevin Smith and Cop Out. It was a messy twist between being a satire or parody and just ended up a mess. Save Bruce Willis and even SWS who was not the awful mess he usually is, this movie failed on so many levels. I can't recommend it to anyone.

I still want to see The Losers though. For Zoe Saldana reasons alone.

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