Monday, July 5, 2010

The Monday Corner 7/5/2010

I know there's been a lot of little changes to the format of the blog over the last week, but it's been helping me with my stress so I hope you all like it. On vacation in the mountains this weekend, so going to keep this simple, but sweet!

For your Consideration:
Do you feel it? Oh yes honey, there's some linkage ahead.

The LAMB's are ready to kick off the newest installment of ACTING SCHOOL 101 with an LiE favorite: Julianne Moore! I shall do my best to keep the drooling to a minimum.

Everyone's best buddy Alex from Film Forager is calling upon her fellow bloggers for a little bit of help in the $$ department. Though I'm sure she'd take a little bit of love and support as well ;).

Anomalous Material is into the pondering game as Castor analyzes the possibility that Social Collapse will lead to the end of the world. If only we didn't have to wait 5 billion years for the sun to burn out, we'd have answers to these questions already!

Simon/Ripley of Four of Them wrote a rather captivating piece on The Men and Women of German Expressionism in the Silent Film era, check it out!

I find quoting films often a self-gratifying act, but The Dark of the Matinee showed this past week that, when done correctly, the use of a single quote can be absolutely brilliant.

Poll Update:
18 votes... ok, I'll accept but with a tear of sadness!

1. 5 votes: Director (control freaks :P)
2. (tie) 3 votes: DVD Store Owner & Other (well Dez, perhaps more fellow clothes designers?)
4. (tie) 2 votes: Theater Owner, Writer, & Actor/Actress (thought Writer might have gotten more)
7. 1 vote: Extra (too much Ricky Gervais for you!)
8. 0 votes: News Reporter (yeah, down with you film journalist! :P j/k I love you all)

New Poll: Continuing a bit of my film surveying, I want to know what is the most important aspect of a film for you? I know this is a tough, but what really stands out to you in a movie?

Interesting Film Fact of the Week:
- Building off the Sunday Question a few weeks back, the only Oscar award Alfred Hitchcock ever won as the Irving Thalberg Memorial Award, and subsequently gave the shortest speech in Academy History, only saying "Thank you."

5 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

Get yer facts right skippy, you shorted Hitch's acceptance speech by 50%.

The man actually said "Thank You. Very Much."

Todays moment of anal fact checking brought to you by Microsoft.

Alex said...

Aw thanks for the link love! I voted for theater owner, because I've always thought running a repertory theatre and being able to show whatever I wanted, hosting special events and themed series, would be living the dream. I'm surprised more people didn't feel the same!

I hope you're having a nice vacation! (or maybe you're already back?

Univarn said...

@Mad then IMDB lied to me, blame them, not me :)

@Alex I'll be back tonight, and I voted for Theater Owner as well. It's a dream job for me, but no money to make it happen :\

Anonymous said...

I voted for director because that would be the ultimate, but I would love to run a repertory theater as well. It would be a like a real life version of having a blog, showing all kinds of fun stuff. Same problems of getting people to show up though. The most realistic would be film journalist, which would be ultra-fun too as long as there weren't crazy deadlines and I got to yell "Stop the presses!" every once in a while.

Hitchcock's speech is the best ever. I wish more people took their cue from it and took the humbler route.

Castor said...

Thanks for the link! I voted for DVD store owner as I think it would be a really decent and peaceful job (in the right situation and with no debt lol)

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