Monday, July 12, 2010

The Monday Corner 7/12/2010

Well ladies and gentlemen there's some exciting things going on here at LiE. Maybe even a few big announcements coming up, so be sure to keep your eye open. We'll see!

For your Consideration:
Linking requires great dedication, and steadfast determination. Or just a hyperlink. Whatever.

Riku Writes tackles annoying audience members as he aspires to truly appreciate Winter's Bone.

Anomalous Material is inviting you to took part in a brand new event: Build a Better (Movie) Blog in 31 Days based off the book of (roughly) the same name!

The Movie Mobsters count down their top 10 Alien films in honor of the release of Predators. Unfortunately Tom Cruise wasn't available for comment.

Common Sense Movie Reviews hops back to 2005 in order to review the film Wedding Crashers. Warning signs always afoot when me and CS agree on something.

The King Bulletin takes time out to perform a Halftime Report on the movie he's seen this year.

Four female bloggers all discussing movies? Who knew dreams could come true! Some Cast it Hot kicked off this past week, be sure to check it out!

The Dark of the Matinee revisits the colorful cheesetastic action blockbusters of the 90's, and seems to be feeling a bit nostalgic. No worries Hatter, if you need someone to hug, Nic Cage will be there for you, at the cost of $300 per minute. He needs the money....

Poll Update:
Perhaps the new location isn't very enticing, I may look into switching it back. We shall see.

1. 8 votes: Characters (more memorable and relatable the better)
2. 5 votes: Story (my personal choice, tell me a good story and I'll love you forever)
3. 4 votes: Cinematography/Visuals (i.e. People who secretly dream of marrying Tim Burton's mind)
4. 1 votes: Action (KABOOOM! This post just made your day)
5. 0 votes: Dialogue & Other (oh well)

New Poll: I want to know, where are your expectations set for Inception?

Random Thoughts
- To simplify all the film news out there I'd like to say: Please stop reporting every time some actor/actress says they want to be in a movie. Or a director says they want to direct something. It's just a publicity stunt to get the attention of the people involved. Notice how most of the time it's a flailing TV star or director whose fallen out with the public? I want to star in Batman 3, where's my article on the cover of E!?

11 better thoughts:

Rick "The Hat" Bman said...

I really really hate how news sites turn an off the cuff "sure, it would be fun to direct/act in that movie" into "so and so is in talks to direct/act in new movie." So very annoying.

DEZMOND said...

I'm guessing you have found a job? :))

When it comes to your random thought: didn't you say that you support dreamers and people who believe in their dreams??? I actually love when directors and actors reveal their dreams of possible projects and give me something to write about ;)

Univarn said...

@Rick I concur

@Dezmond No job yet, something more LiE related.

I support people who believe in their dreams. I don't support people grasping at opportunities for headlines, fame, and self-gratification. Even if those are their dreams. And often I find these sort of headlines are geared far more towards that venue.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

CRAP. Forgot to vote, I'd be the one (literally( voting for dialogue.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Shame Cruise wasn't available for comment!

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

We really ought to compile a list on films we agree on, that would be an interesting read.

Castor said...

Completely agree with you about the rumors somehow turning into something "official". I pay special attention to state whether it's a rumor when addressing these casting news.

Thanks for the link!

Heather said...

I read Common Sense Reviews Wedding Crashers review and it was spot on. The movies had a lot of affection over the years, and I've always found it so-so.

AM's posts are always fantastic. I know, I avidly stalk them.

I completely missed Hatters post on this somehow so thanks for the link.

And of course, thanks for mentioning the Mob's Alien ten. And I belly laughed at your TomCruise comment for the record. :)

Univarn said...

@Andrew Good, stand up for what you believe in... after it matters! :P

@Alex I concur. Some people just can't be bothered.

@MVP We could right a book. Title it: 1001, well maybe 50, nah more like about 15 movies we agree might be worth checking out. Too long?

@Castor I believe by now every person in Hollywood has been "rumored" to be the villain in the upcoming Batman 3 movie. Quite an accomplishment I must say.

@Heather Glad to make someone laugh :)

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

@Univarn - I was figuring including films we both don't care for much either. Basically anything we agree on. That might move it up to 25 ;)

Danny King said...

Thanks for the link!

P.S. My expectations for "Inception" are through the roof. I'm counting down the minutes until the midnight IMAX showing I will be attending.

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