Friday, June 25, 2010

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post 6/24 (down with the numbers!)

In the News:

Today 5 readers of E! Online were admitted to a psych ward when a post on the website informed them that time actually existed before 1985. Shocked, and in deep despair, the attending psychiatrist, Dr. Kathryn Railly (+2 points for the reference) noted: "The patients are at a very fragile stage right now. The realization that time did not begin with them has come at great costs to their psyche, and we must take great care in moving forward."

With such painful news one spokesperson for the WTF IS HISTORY Foundation angrily said: "I hope E! learns their lesson from this, and takes action to ensure further incidents such as this are not repeated."

Note, this is made up by me, if you think this is real you probably read too much E!

Wide Release:

Knight and Day: Let's be honest, Tom Cruise just isn't the star vehicle he once was, and we all know why (opinions aside). Add that to Cameron Diaz's ever weakening selections (My Sister's Keeper and The Box in the same year will do that too yah), and you can pretty much smell a meh reception from a mile away. To be honest, the movie just looks like generic fun, and I can see myself giving it a shot. Just not opening weekend.

Grown Ups: One of these days someone will have to explain the seeming fascination with the screaming man-child character of Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell. I enjoyed it the first few times I saw it. Something different, a bit fresh, and out there. Now... I feel like I'm watching a 40 year old sitting in the playpen with kids screaming about how he wants to use the Tonka truck. Please, feel free to embrace the kid in you... just keep it in you. Don't scream and flaunt it about. To be honest, baring a 10/10 from some of you, this won't be watched until it hits basic cable.

Limited Releases

Restrepo: A Documentary on the War in Afghanistan? Hmmm, never heard of it, but it could work. To be honest this sounds more like an HBO project than a theatre movie, but if good reviews appear, I could see myself checking it out.

Wild Grass (La/Ny): Not sure what to make of this one. Is it getting the "Hey, look, it's foreign!" release. Or the "Hey, this is pretty good, check it out!" release. With no pre-buzz, and only Mathieu Amalric to grab my attention, I can't say much about this weekend release.

Uni Recommendation: Going out isn't a bad thing, especially if you're like me and haven't seen Toy Story 3 yet. As for this weekend's releases, only if bad weather is giving you nothing to do would I say even bother.

That's all ladies and gents, catch yah later!

10 better thoughts:

SugaryCynic said...

still haven't seen it either >.< i think if anything, Knight and Day suffers from bad timing, coming in with The Killers, which has a really similar premise but looks a thousand times more awful

The Mad Hatter said...

This is the perfect weekend to dig deeper and watch something like MICMAS, EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP, or WINTER'S BONE. you said...say screw it all and hang out outside.

Castor said...

Restrepo only has a very limited release and I'm saddened to see it won't be shown in Minneapolis (at this point at least). It is generating early Oscar buzz and won the grand prize at Sundance. I would highly recommend you to see it if it's showing near you.

Knight and Day will probably a big box office bust as there is basically no buzz whatsoever for the movie. Combine two declining movie stars in a formulaic movie and that's what you get.

Anonymous said...

I'd agree that going outside would be preferable to watching Knight and Day. Like SugaryCynic said above, it looks very similar to The Killers, which also looked awful. No reason to waste time on this trash.

Univarn said...

@Sugary Perhaps, but that plot line has been around for decades (well before the days of True Lies and such) so I don't think much of it. Wonder if anyone's ever taken the time to trace its progressing throughout the years.

@Mad Perhaps, not sure if they're playing near me or not.

@Castor I doubt Restrepo is finding its way to NC anytime soon but I'll keep an eye out. K&D will probably not fair well, mostly because they spent too much to make it, but I doubt it'll be a huge bust. Will probably do alright overseas.

@silver Yeah, as I said above that plot line has been used forever, but if you take that and the "elite group of soldiers eluding whatever" of The Losers and A-Team we're definitely into high recycled territory.

Mike Lippert said...

Knight and Day is generic fun but that's exactly what I wanted when I saw it and it's one of the better movies to come out this summer. I don't know why people think it looks worse than Killers because I was actually anticipating it and got exactly what I wanted. Funny write up at the beginning of this post.

Red said...

Knight and Day will probably disappoint in the box office, but I think it might end up being a fun movie to go to. Might check it out next week.

Grown Ups on the other hand? No thanks. I'm usually a fan of most of the cast, but this movie just looks like a weak effort to grab money off of the actor's names. (Granted, one could say that for Knight and Day as well).

Rachel said...

If Tommy wasn't such a douchebag I'd consider K&D but I can barely stand to look at him anymore.

Oh, and 12 Monkeys: I will send a guy named Frankie by to collect my two points. Do not look him directly in the eye.

Simon said...

I might see Knight @ Day on DVD, for that precious glimpse of Paul Dano. Plus *grumbles* it looks kinda funny *><*

Univarn said...

@Mike Yeah, it definitely looks better to me than The Killers, which just screamed awful. K&D, to me, at least screamed a good time.

@Red I have a feeling K&D, as with most Cruise films, will do much better overseas. So it'll be a failure by US standards (which far too many people point to in a bust) but not when you take the global take into account.

@Rachel It's been my experience at least 50% of mainstream actors are actually douches. Tom's just one of the few who wears it right on his sleeve, to the dismay of all. Takes a certain personality to survive 20 years of extreme praise, and godlike status, to not go a little mental.

@Simon Haha, didn't even know Paul Dano was in it!

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