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Obligatory DVD Release Post 6/15/2010

DVD releases for your viewing enjoyment... or that's the idea. This week that may be more of a theory than an actuality. This week's motto: DVD Releases for... well, the companies just really need the money. Not all of them mind you, but 2 out of the big 3... bombs in need of the $$$. Let's check it out!

New Releases

The Book of Eli: The mainstay profitable release for the week. I'm not much in religious dogma, and even less into it applied to action films. So, will I see this? Yes. Will I review this? Yes. Will I enjoy it... well, don't bet on it. Then again if you're going to be betting on anything betting against it will be the safest bet you make all year. Especially if you're into World Cup betting. I'm not encouraging betting or anything.... *cough*. :)

When in Rome: Do not make movies. Or just don't make romantic comedies. You're not Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, you've been whipped with the just say no tag. Is it possible for me to watch this movie just to see Alexis Dziena, Dax Shepard, and Lee Pace? While at the same time ignoring everything going on around them... Probably not. Then again, I'm not into self torture so I'm going to leave this be, and let other's give the good one shot effort.

Youth in Revolt: I'm thinking at this point Michael Cera needs to pull a Wayne Brady - Chappelle Show like move and just side swipe everyone. It would be awesome. Get Kat Dennings to play the "street walker" role. Jonah Hill in for Dave Chappelle (I just love the idea of a Superbad setup here), and we're ready to shoot. As for this movie. It looks interesting, but I feel I've seen it before. Not sure it'll hold my interest. We'll follow the wait and see tactic.

Unthinkable: Apparently not. Not only did you think about it, you wrote a screenplay for it. Oh, and Michael Sheen is amazing. That is all.

Other Releases: Collapse, Mary and Max, Happy Tears

Other Goodies:

Darkman (Blu-Ray): As TheAnswerMVP2001 will tell you, this movie has a cult following like few others. Though of course as a movie reviewer that's a good thing and a bad thing. Review = lots of views. Negative review = high ranting. As for the transition to Blu-Ray, may work out. Never struck me as the sort of film that would highly benefit from it. Then again, I'm not exactly it's target demographic (or am I, and just a rebel?)

Vengeance Trilogy: All three of Chan-wook Park's dark analytical films on the consequences, and reasons for vengeance jam packed into one set. I don't think I have to say much more. See them if you haven't, but make sure you're emotionally prepared for the journey they take you down. More than one WTF lay ahead.

Showgirls (15th Anniversary Blu-Ray Special Edition): I never say this because I fully believe everyone has the right to buy, and enjoy, whatever they want, but... if you buy this I seriously have to question your sanity.

Other noteworthy releases: Enter the Dragon (blu-ray), Mystery Train (Criterion release)

That is all ladies, gents, and anyone not included in the prior two. Have a good day, and happy DVD hunting!

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The Mad Hatter said...

Cripes, what a lousy week for new releases...but that seems to be the norm lately.

For what it's worth, I vote BOOK OF ELI which is good fun if you don't take it very seriously.

Castor said...

Kristen Bell is taking a page off Katherine Heigl's page and trying to sink her career down the drain as fast as possible. I have yet to see The Book of Eli so that is next.

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

Crappy week for releases indeed. I didn't even bother sending back my Netflix rentals over the weekend so I'd be guarantee to get any new releases.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

I did not even know that When In Rome had been in theatre...goes to show.

re Castor, though I'm probably alone I think Heigl a strong actress just a bad job of films (or a money whore. hee).

Univarn said...

@Mad Yeah I'm going to check it out, but we'll see how it goes down.

@Castor On the plus side, if they both take from the same page, we're going to be saving paper. Yes I know that's a horrible sneak in, but I don't care enough about either (though Bell is always lovely in intereviews)

@MVP Yeah, this year in general has been that way from Theater down to DVD. Just one mildly exciting weekend after another.

@Andrew I don't know many people who went to see it, so I think we're all in the same boat there. Personally Heigl's yet to impress me much. But we'll see if she decides to hop into a more meaty role.

Simon said...

I must get Showgirls.

Red said...

Book of Eli was pretty good, despite some pretty big flaws.

And yeah, can't say that I'll even give When in Rome a remote chance...

Anonymous said...

I almost see Book of Eli in theaters after reading Hatter's review, but had a last minute change of plans. Might check it out on dvd though. Peck/Hepburn is a tough combo to follow, but the idea is to at least strive to match it, alas...

Btw, I tagged you for the Versatile Blog Award, Univarn: http://wp.me/pxXPC-1Cf

Heather said...

When In Rome Away we Go and make sure to write Dear John and Letters To Juliet, and also to return to be home for Leap Year and Valentines Day.

I'd send Michael Bay to any of these films and let him blow shit up.

Univarn said...

@Simon ........*fired*

@Red Just finished writing my review of Book of Eli, didn't care for it much.

@flix thanks for the tag, will get to it asap. Eli might be a DVD rental, check out my review now available.

@Heather I kind of enjoyed Away we Go. The rest, eh blow 'em up on an asteroid and see if the robots can show up soon.

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