Monday, June 28, 2010

The Monday Corner 6/28/2010

I know we don't all love Mondays, but when you have such lovely bloggers to kick the week off with, how could it ever be a bad thing? Enjoy your day everyone!

For your Consideration:
Linking in the city is what I love to do!

Darren, the brilliant mind behind the m0vie blog analyzes the very difficult question: Can film criticism ever be objective?

Life of a Cinephile and Bibliophile tackles my favorite Michael Mann film, and possible Cruise performance, Collateral

Movie Mobsters breaks down the top 10 moments of everyone's favorite JURASSIC PARK (I think we all knew #1 going in!)

Big Thoughts From A Small Mind hops into the realm of Kurosawa with reviews of Yojimbo, and its sequel Sanjuro. Oh yes, Kurosawa posts = Uni linkage.

Encore's World of Film & TV is entering the top 10 films of all time terrain, be sure you're there for every post!

Top 10 Films has unveiled their top 50 films of the 2000's, how did your favorites pan out?

Poll Update:
Major thanks to everyone who voted, will really help with the blog :)

1. 11 votes: There were less regular series (out of curiosity which series would you drop?)
2. 8 votes: More Lists (funny or informative?)
3. 6 votes: More Classic Reviews (that I can do)
4. 4 votes: More Articles (less reviews = more articles, gotta be picky)
5. 3 votes: More Theatrical Reviews (need $$$$$)
6. (tie) 2 votes: + Regular series & - Articles (ok then)
8. (tie) 1 vote: + Interactive posts & Change nothing (thank you, my one real fan :P)

New Poll: Let's do a fun one - Of the possible jobs in relation to film which would you most like to have?

Interesting Film Fact of the Week:
In the original King Kong, the beasts height changes between the jungle scenes, and New York, because the director wanted him to look larger next to the skyscrapers. In the jungle his relative height would be 18feet, while in NY his relative height would be 24-25feet.

Enjoy your day.

7 better thoughts:

Film Intel said...

You prefer Collateral to Heat? That is an interesting choice I must say...

DEZMOND said...

ah, Uni, you weren't thinking about me when you were making the new poll - where's the costume designer in the poll? :))

Univarn said...

@Intel To me both are on the same level, it's just a matter of immediate draw. Heat has always taken my time to get into, on each viewing. While Collateral sucks me in right away every time.

@Dez Hence the OTHER :P

MovieNut14 said...

That was hard choosing what my ideal film-related job is. I ended up choosing DVD Store Owner/Manager as a bit of a tribute to my recent appreciation to High Fidelity.

Thanks for the linkage!

Darren said...

Thank you very much for the link. I did not know that King Kong fact - that's being filed away for later.

Simon said...

So that's the secret to linkage, eh?

Brilliant posts all around.

Heather said...

For the record I found Darren's article to be brilliant and well worth the read.

Thanks for the link love. Most appreciated. And of course that would be the number one. Just thinking of it is making me smile.

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