Sunday, May 16, 2010

A New Road Lay Ahead

some sex appeal you just can't touch :P

On May 14th, 2000+ college students, with 4000+ family and friends, gathered in the Greensboro Colosseum for a celebration like few others. You see, these individuals, from across the globe had come to celebrate a momentous occasion: they had come to Graduate. As you may be able to imagine, after years of schooling, I was among this group of individuals (pictured above).

While I sit by and await my actual diploma in the mail, you should all take comfort in the beautiful photos taken by my sister and parents during the various celebration.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I'm getting a BACHELOR OF SCIENCE in Computer Science :). Off to the world of photos we go!

Me and my Mom outside the Colosseum

Me and my Dad outside the Colosseum

Sibling rivalries never really die

The 2010 Graduating Computer Science Class:

The 2010 Undergraduates with Dr. Shan Suthaharan, our Senior Project and Networking Professor

Me with professors Mark and Lydia who teach the introductory level CSC courses

Well, it's been a long, but fun 5 years of schooling. And the job market seems to be getting better for Computer Science and IT jobs as I now venture out into the great world. Thanks to all my fellow bloggers who have encouraged me along the way! Also, to my fellow bloggers who will be making their way to their own graduation (both high school and college) a major congratulations from me to you!

Now, as you all drool over these photos and leave countless amounts of praise in the comments (that's an order, not a request :P) I'll be heading off to see Iron Man 2 so I can finally give you my full opinion and review on it this week!

This is Uni, over and out.

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Alex said...

Congrats again! Great job for studying something that will actually be useful to you, job-wise. And nice photos- the ones with your sister are really cute!

Castor said...

Congrats Ryan on a job well done!

filmgeek said...

Congrats, dude :) My graduation photos were far too awful to post :p

Andrew said...

Congrats man

DEZMOND said...

congrats here as well. Will you go for a masters degree as well?

Mike Lippert said...

Ya congrats, but this just reminds me of how I need to find a job too. Ugh, that's the worst. Looking forward to the review.

Simon said...


Congratulations, you lucky bastard. I still got three years of mandatory schooling left.

Univarn said...

@Dez not yet, testing the job market first, may return if its either not too good, or I decide I'd be better off.

@Everyone Thanks!

Heather said...

*wipes drool away*

In seriousness Congratulations. Good luck out there. The real job market is a scary and daunting place, but I have no doubt you'll succeed in all that you do. I'm truly happy for you.

Rachel said...

Congratulations! Good luck in the job market and "real world".

Univarn said...

@Heather so that's where all those puddles came from :P. Thanks, I'll do my best.

@Rachel Man, real world makes it sound so depressing :P

Film Intel said...

Just wanted to add my congratulations here. Really fantastic stuff, best of luck going forwards!

Ross McG said...

hehe, congrats
Top Five Movie Graduation Ceremonies.. that would be a good list

MovieNut14 said...

As said in Braveheart, FREEDOM!!!

(cough) Right, moving on. Congrats.

Univarn said...

@Intel thanks for the kind wishes.

@Ross Hmmmmmmmm that would be a good one, and a toughy since most are rather similar.

@MovieNut actually I think freedom is the wrong word, now I'm stuck getting ready to work 75% of my time away *cries* Unless anyone is hiring talented *cough* writers :D

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Congrats you crazy freak. Good look out there in the crazy real world, although I figure with your random humour and mucho resilience you're set for life.

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