Monday, May 10, 2010

The Monday Corner 5/10/2010

Well, ladies and gents, another Monday has descended upon us. And as you sit there gazing at the screen, reading the eloquent words of your fellow bloggers. Pondering the intellectual prowess they so vastly endeavor to cover. I'd like to leave you with this question to dissect, analyze, and contemplate...

If one plus one is two, and chewing is part of the digestive process, then why do Zebras have so many stripes?

I'll take your answers in the comments section. Go!

For your Consideration:
Linkin', Blinkin', and Nod - New age nursery rhymes.

Andrew from gmanReviews wants you to head on over and discuss "childrens' films" adults actually enjoy.

Riku Writes this week broke down his greatest portrayals of famous people in film.

Rachel's Reel Reviews tackles films inspired by the works of Shakespeare you might not have thought of (well, I added the last bit because her 3rd one blew my mind).

Anomalous Material reminds everyone of one of my favorite childhood films: The Sandlot. A great look at the role of baseball and life in prepubescent children.

While much of the blogging world is singing its praise, The Film Doctor takes a no holds bar approach to the film, giving it a 9 point breakdown... not too kindly I might add.

Also, this past week many festivals began the wind up, so I'd like to point you in the direction of some of their coverage just in case you missed it.

IFF Boston: Film Forager
Hot Docs: The Dark of the Matinee and Movie Moxie

Poll Update:
You voted, you really voted! *cries*

Results: Your 2010 grade -
1. tie, 8 votes: B & C (so not bad, but not too good)
2. 5 votes: F (How to Train your Dragon? I don't think that bad)
3. 2 votes: D (I'd rather agree)
4. 0 votes: A/A+ (no optimists here)

New Poll: With Robin Hood opening this weekend, I want to know what is favorite Robin Hood portrayal to date.

Random Stuff:
- Did you know that it actually takes 12 muscles to smile and 11 to frown. How much easier it is for you is based on your mouth's resting state, various facial features (i.e. the extent of your expressions), and individual muscle strength. So, take that you damned optimists! Or should I say smile anyways? (if you're curious you can read about it here)

That's all for me, see you on the other side of the leprechaun.

10 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

Given the fun Moxie, Foragre, and I had last week...I vote that you look to find the closest film festival to your hometown and cover it next time.

You know you wanna!

Castor said...

Thanks for the link. And obviously, Russell Crowe is going to be the best Robin Hood ever!!!

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

@Castor - I like how you think. Strength and Honor!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

A pox on you Castor. Errol Flynn will always be the best Robin Hood...of course Univarn still needs to see one of his films to ensure that. tick tock (no I'm not letting you off the hook, my record of guilting persons in movie watching is impeccable, don't turn me into a liar).

Univarn said...

@Mad I went to one film festival here in Greensboro, the one held at my school, UNCG, every year. Lots of crap experimental films, and one movie that never even made it to DVD.

@Castor & @MVP: Time shall tell, but I do hope so (I love a good Robin Hood tale).

@Andrew I will, I will. Though if you're going to do that, I shall return the favor with a Kurosawa furry of spam :P

Simon said...

Oh, I see how it is. You cruel, cruel bastard. :)

Also, fuck you, optimists. Your happiness shall be your downfall!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Dear god, what have I started? Okay, fine...I'll look at a Kurosawa flick by the middle of June.

PS. I did some digging (lies) but I realised Kurosawa directed that King Lear adaptation Ran which is an excellent film, so yay...saw one (of many, sigh). So judging from that, he's excellent. I can't remember you covering that, did you?

FilmDr said...

Thanks for the link! I find I prefer the Disney Robin Hood of the various film versions.

Univarn said...

@Simon I'm not cruel, I'm perfect... just ask me.

@Andrew Ah, well there you go :). And yes I reviewed it very early on in my 23 days of Kurosawa

@FilmDr Ah, I should have added that one. Loved that as a kid.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the link love:)

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