Friday, April 23, 2010

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post

I need to get some people together and we should create our own award: The Most Appropriately Titled Film of the Year!

This weekend has a couple of real contenders. Films whose titles so openly offer themselves to mocking and humiliation I can only imagine box office writers are drooling at the mouth for Sunday to come (we all know how they love their film title puns). Still, we all know we love our movies, so let's get to it!

Wide Releases:

The Losers: Quick question: while advertising your big action comic adaptation, am I not supposed to only take away from it: "Hey, there was a Jason Patric sighting?" Seems a bit wrong.... Still, there's some talent I enjoy here (Saldana and Dean Morgan), but I think 40% on RT, and Sylvain White's track record (Stomp the Yard and I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer - direct to V ftw!) puts me on the yeah, but no train.

The Back-up Plan: This title is the real winner. I don't even have to make a joke. It's like a beacon of light, shining down upon the comedic world. For movies like this I secretly dream of only one thing: That a Lumberjack will appear at the Hollywood opening for the film, only to yell out "TIMBER!" right as the movie begins...

Oceans: It's a documentary... I'll give you 5 guesses as to what it's about, and go! *waits patiently* Did you get it!? Well, I shouldn't kid. It's by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud who did the quite awesome Winged Migration about 9 years ago (thank you google for the reminder). Also Pierce Brosnan is doing the narration, which has me excited! Let's be honest, Morgan Freeman can't do everything.

(Very) Limited Releases:

The Good, The Bad, and the Weird: I hesitate the put this because it's only coming out in 1 theater, which means it'll be in NC by the year 2015. Alas, I think this movie just looks silly and awesome, and I want to see it. Of course taking your title as a spin on my #2 movie could make this a challenging view.

Boogie Woogie: Despite the Heather Graham appearance I'm being told this is not a sequel to Boogie Nights, and is instead about contemporary art scene. As that fact entered my mind, my desire to watch it promptly left. (note: this is another 1 theater hitter).

Paper Man: According to IMDB, Box Office Mojo, and Paper Man is being released today. Apparently though none of them have any clue where. So, if it's playing near you, hope onto the comments and yell it out! I'm curious for this one, so perhaps a nationwide game of Marco Polo is in order?

That's all ladies, gents, and ?s, have a good weekend, and, as always, happy film hunting!

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Julian Stark said...

I probably could have guessed what Oceans is about had you not put me in the position of *trying* to guess what it is. Now I have no clue what it's about! ;)

Alex said...

I'm pretty sure Paper Man opened in LA but I don't know anything about it, just saw it mentioned by someone on Twitter. I'm so excited for The Good, The Bad, and The Weird! It's playing on Monday at Boston IFF which is lucky because god knows when it would get a wide enough theatre release, so I'll let you know if it does justice to your #2. Boogie Woogie looks interesting too but I don't know what its release schedule is like.

TJMAC510 said...

Paper Man won't be opening up here for a while but hopefully soon because it looks really good. Back Up Plan is crap, never heard of the other limited releases and I've seen two of those already. Oceans is a beautiful film. Pierce Brosnan's narration makes it pretty good (wish it was Morgan Freeman though) and some of the shots are just WTH?? how'd hey get that inducing.

As for the Losers it's a loud, fun action comedy. Not really much more there. If you like guns, explosions, laughing and more explosions than see it.

Interesting week though...wish it was may though so iron man 2 could just come out already.

Mike Lippert said...

"If you like guns, explosions, laughing and more explosions than see it."

I'm in! There hasn't been a really good, fun action movie for a long long time, or at least that I can think of.

JapanCinema said...

The Good, The Bad, and the Weird has been out a long ass time overseas, shame its just now getting attention here.

Univarn said...

@Julian it's about Ocean life :)

@Alex Be sure to let me know. Since I might be tracking down a copy from some people I know overseas, want to know if it's worth the effort.

@TJMac I'll consider it a rental possibility, thanks!

@Mike Shoot 'Em Up was loads of fun for me :).

@Japan Yeah, it's weird that way. From college I know quite a few people from Korea, Japan, and Vietnam (not sure why but we have a load of them at my school) so they hook me up sometimes, and I just find free subs.

Simon said...

Speaking as a ?, I'm glad we are finally being recognized.

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

I'm actually contemplating seeing The Losers because it looks like a good popcorn flick. But since I will only go to the movies on a early Saturday morning showing, when it's cheap and there are no crowds, I don't know if I really want to sacrifice my only day to sleep in to see it.

Univarn said...

@Simon You know me, I'm always way ahead of the progressive movements ;)

@MVP It just doesn't look good enough for the $, and as you note, the sleep!

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