Friday, April 16, 2010

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post #26

Oh it's weekend time. Weekend time. Ready to watch your movies, weekend time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wahoo! What's the point of that? I dunno. I get to spend all weekend studying. How about you? Since I'll have my head jammed in a book I'm expecting some great posts out of you all! I'll have you know that. Anything short of mind blowing perfection, will be met with a tsk tsk and possible even a grumble grumble...

That's right I said a grumble grumble! Deal with it :P.

Wide Releases:

Kick-Ass: GO WHITE SUPER TEENS! That's right people. This year it's year of the white people! No more will we be held back by horrid stereotypes, or super hero glorification! NO! We're taking charge. Taking names! We're here to stay! Oh wait.... that's right, nevermind. Hmmm, now this is awkward. Umm, yay profanity in movie names!? Nicolas Cage is our hero? No? Ok, well, how about mindless super violence!? YAAAAAAY!

Death at a Funeral: You know it's about time British comedy got the respect it deserves. A full US Release! Wow, that's nice of them. A few years late... Wait, hang on. I'm being told this is a remake. Awwwww COME ON!!!! The original just came out yesterday! What's next pre-film release remake announcements!? Top 5 signs your movie sucks: Your commercials quote local affiliates of the backing studio.

Limited Release:

The Perfect Game: Lots of actors I enjoy, about an event I greatly admire: The Little League World Series. Not sure if this is a real winner, but it gets the Uni approval of interest.

The Jonses: Well there's a title for you. I have to be honest this sounds like a rejected E! reality TV series than an actual drama. I wonder if the Kardashians(sp?) make an appearance? Probably not. Lots of people I enjoy, but it's a movie that screams mid-major to me. It's got some talent, but not enough to make it work the time and emotion it wants to request.

Other Releases: Exit Through the Gift Shop, The City of Your Final Destination.

That about wraps it up. Happy film hunting!

2 better thoughts:

Mike Lippert said...

I'm going to go see Death at a Funeral tonight. I expect big things.

Simon said...

I'm not seeing Death at a Funeral tonight, yet I, too, expect big things.

Have a nice day.

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