Saturday, April 10, 2010

Life in Equinox Podcastmonium is Back!!! #10

Oh yes baby, it's back. And lack Leon Phelps, I'm here to please. Did I just reference a dreadful movie in a movie podcast, maybe. But he was awesome on SNL, so :P. I will say, it is nice to be back and in the podcasting ring. I missed my headset, but I did have quite a bit of rust on me, so I apologize for some mumble periods.

Still, remember one thing: If you want the best, go elsewhere. This is the Life in Equinox Podcast, Baby! :P

Runtime: 29minutes, 12seconds

Topics/Films Covered:
Boondock Saints 2
How to Train Your Dragon
Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Save the Tiger
Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief
The Art of Making Lists

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Simon said...


S.F.H. said...

Hi hi,
I was procrastinating my homework and listened to your podcast! yay.... I agree with the list thing and the no bests and yeah...but I was looking at your top ten on your side bar and noticed you didn't have chitty chitty bang bang! and clearly everyone loves that movie, and its not modern either so i just don't understand how it didn't make it, I mean it is one of my favorites -doesn't that count for anything?

ok ok fine maybe you dont haev to love it but think about it :D
and your birthday is soon and ill be taking exams so i wont be able to do obnoxious things or pester you relentlessly and put my name on mother's gifts so think about what you want and eventually you might actually get something that i paid for wiht money that coul dhaev been spent elsewhere. [!!!!!!:O...! ]
- :D
happy exams to you to

Alex said...

Welcome back! This was lovely. It's too bad to hear about the misdirection and sub-par acting in Percy Jackson- it looked like the kind of thing I would enjoy (I too do my best to support any fantasy-adventure stuff). Oh well.

Also I loved your discussion of lists. I find it very frustrating when a lot of bigger-name blogs/media will generally just do recent or really popular movies in their "Best" lists. When I make lists, I have several going at once and I slowly add to them until I feel like I've really got it down (it's a long, sad, obsessive process). I'm also glad you made the point about labeling it "favorite" as opposed to "best". That's why I've always labeled any of my top 5's "favorite". What the hell do I know about any genre/subject? Only if I'd seen every single movie in whatever category is being discussed, could I say this is The Best. And even then it's still subjective!

Anyway great job, etc! Also I look forward to your future list-making projects! (I don't know what it is about movie bloggers but we really do just love them.)

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Liked your take on listmaking (I love lists) and agree what you name the list makes a difference. Very few of us have see all 'the films' our there so I think saying favourites can be fair over best.

Also have to remember the bias of recency on lists - we remember what we've seen recently more than what we've seen before. I think from that perspective a lot of 'of all time' lists shy away from stuff in the past 10 years or so because it's hard to see in the current what will have an effect over a longer period of time.

Glad you're podcasting again - always look forward to listening!

Univarn said...

@Simon indeed :)

@S.F.H AH It's a Monster!!!!! Sorry no Bang Bang unless it involved Kill Bill (a reference I doubt you'd get - just google Nancy Sinatra bang bang :)).

@Alex Thanks! List making is so hard, and verbiage can really complicate things! I always debate what to name them because if you use Best you'll get more search hits, but if you use favorite you're being more accurate. Complication!

@Shannon Yeah I need to get back into list making, it's just fun, simple, and really well done. I definitely agree about remember what we see more recent, but the downside is when you do that you tend to (inadvertently) encourage people to only watch recent movies, and ignore classics.

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