Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome to 23 Days of Kurosawa....

In this world there are many types of directors. There are director's who simply work in film. Those who excel in film, and those who influence film. Yet, there's another tier solely reserved for a handful of true crafting legends. Those who, in every essence of its meaning, define film.

Welcome everyone to A Life in Equinox special blogging event: 23 DAYS of KUROSAWA. Beginning today and leading up to the centennial celebration of the birth of Akira Kurosawa this March 23rd, A Life in Equinox invites you to join on an adventure through film, through the eyes of one of its greatest masters. We'll review 23 of Kurosawa's films, from the much revered classics to the unsung heroes. There'll be high scores, and low scores (even I admit that), and we'll take the time to sit aside and reflect on his many influences.

Though I have no intention of taking this journey alone. I invite you all to take part, pick a few of Kurosawa's films (a full list of the ones being reviewed here), and give them a try on your own. Write a review, or give them some careful critique. Despite what some will simplify, Kurosawa's career was vast, and included a wide array of categories. And I recommend many of his works for anyone who wants to see the art of cinema in action.

Event Details:

* Everyday at 1:00pm EST a brand new Kurosawa film will be reviewed.
* Each week a new Kurosawa related poll will be uploaded
* Every Tuesday a brand new article relating to the work of Kurosawa will be posted at 8:00AM EST
* Anyone wishing to submit a review/article they wrote on Kurosawa may do so by emailing the link to: and it will be linked in with the appropriate post.

Kickoff Poll: How many Akira Kurosawa films have you seen? (Don't worry I won't hold it against you)

So, without further rambling from yours truly, I thank you all for being here, and welcome to my 23 Days of Kurosawa!


Ok, a little bit of housecleaning. As you may notice there's no Monday Corner this week, there will be next week, so have no fear! If you need some linkage badly I highly recommend checking out The Dark of the Matinee's Everybody's Talkin' segment.

Also with the Kurosawa articles being introduced for Tuesday mornings, there will be no DVD Tuesday over the next couple of weeks. But if you're curious about the week's DVD releases, be sure to check out Movie Moxie's Weekly DVD Releases post.

3 better thoughts:

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

No Mondays Corner! ;(

You know how I feel about foreign samurai films...

Univarn said...

@MVP no worries monday corner will be back next week :). As for foreign samurai films. Eh, this blog will be overrun by Kurosawa for the next 3 weeks weeks so expect lots of foreign films :P

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

So it's probably best to take my vacation now, to some faraway island with no internet access then? ;)

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