Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taking a Day Off

Between 23 Days of Kurosawa, Midterms, final projects, intermediate projects, additional movie viewing, and job hunting... I have to say I'm pooped. I'm out. Mental strength = 0. And guess what? I also get to take an exam and finish a homework assignment today!

So, for all you lovely people, I'm sorry, but I'm taking a vacation from blogging for the day. Be sure you check out all the lovely blogs I follow (links over that-a-way -------->) for your reading needs!

Oh, and remember: only you can prevent forest fires. Why? Because when a drugged out Bear talks to you, you listen dammit!

- This message has been brought to you by: Uni incorporated. When you need a BS name that almost sounds legit, call someone else!

*insert random music theme*

The End.

you applauding yet? *cries*

4 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

I totally get this. Reminds me very much of my mental state early last week when I essentially put up placeholders on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Rest up and come back swingin' when you've recharged.

BTW - I know you listened to the London Episode of my Podcast. did you have any response to the question I asked towards the end re. THE HURT LOCKER?

Univarn said...

@Mad I was only able to listen to a little bit because I had an exam and assignment due, but I'll be sure to listen to the whole thing tonight or tomorrow (likely tomorrow).

Mike Lippert said...

I feel your pain. Right now the assignments are just piling off so I'm taking the whole weekend off. You need it every once in a while.

Tom said...

Just one day?

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