Monday, March 8, 2010

The Monday Corner 3/8/2010

Need a break after last week's awesome Kuorsawa lovefest? Well, then all I can say is: WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU! *Cries* Here I am working so hard, on all these lovely posts and you act like you don't even care. I thought you loved me! Fine, go... JUST GO! I'm ok here, all alone. I don't need anybody. Just me and my Kurosawa movies....

Oh hey look, a cookie!

For your Consideration:
Whew, some great linkage this week. Let's get on with the show shall we?

Life of a Cinephile and Bibliophile is raking up the blog-a-thons. They've got Tim Burton as a feature today. Then you add to that Christopher Nolan coming up in just a few weeks. With me being so busy with Kurosawa I'm expecting you all to ante up and kick in!

This past week the 1001 Movie Club took a look at Se7en and it came out with the highest score of any film yet!

On their weekly roundup FlixChatter took a look at two of my absolute favorite more recent movies in Amelie and 28 Days Later.

If you're looking to file a complaint about last night's Oscars, don't worry about trying to write it up, Blog Cabins has it already and templated for you!

Lastly, a good blogging buddy of mine Mad Hatter from The Dark of the Matinee suffered the loss of his grandmother this past week. My heart, and I'm sure, all of yours go out to him.

Poll Update:
Well, no matter how you feel about my Kurosawa marathon I am very grateful you all showed up in droves to vote on the poll!

1. 10 votes: None (not all the surprising, hope I can get you amped up to see one of his films!)
2. 6 votes: A Couple (better than nothing)
3. 3 votes: 9 to 15 (ooooo exciting!)
4. 2 votes: 15+ (did I ever mention I love you?)
5. 1 vote: 3 to 8 (you're still a-ok in my book)

New Poll: Since everyone else is likely going to go all Oscar recap this week I'm sticking to my plan and going with my plan.

So now, I wonder 10 none seers and 6 barely seers what is your major Kurosawa setback in seeing his films?

Random Stuff
- I wonder at last night's Oscars, was there a competition among all the women for who could have the most frilly bottom half of a dress?

- Did you know that every time you eat a chicken an angel get its wings? And you wondered why they were so white and fluffy. Now stop ringing all those damned bells!

- If you're wondering why I haven't done, nor intend to do, much on the Oscars it's because this year I feel especially separated from their selections, and could only feign interest. Perhaps next year I'll do full proper treatments. But only if you comment me to next year, may not make it on my own ;).

Well that wraps it up for this week's monday corner. Stay tuned next time when I once again do the same things I did last time.

5 better thoughts:

Michele Emrath said...

Ok, but The Hurt Locker is worth seeing. As is Inglourious Basterds.

As for Kurosawa, I am loving your posts on him! I have learned so much. :)


The Mad Hatter said...

Thanks for the support buddy. It was one hell oif a week, and I'm looking forward to life getting back to something approaching normal this week.

As I mentioned off the top of that post, I wrestled with writing anything about her...but with the outpouring of support from blogger friends like yourself, I'm really glad I did.

Castor said...

I just got Ikuru Univarn, I'm about to watch it. As for the Oscars... ZzzzzzZZZZZZZzzz. At least, no one looked like she escaped from tropical zoo, that's a change.

Univarn said...

@Michele I agree Hurt Locker was quite good, made my #2 for the year. I just couldn't muster up the same enthusiasm I've had in previous years. Thanks for the Kurosawa love :). Hope you find a couple of his you're into checking out.

@Mad Anytime, and I hope you get something more normal as well!

@Castor wow that was quick! On some level I'm disappointed we had no tropical zoo sightings this year. Then people would stop staring at me funny when I carry a net around on the red carpet :)

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

The Academy should have rescinded Denzel's Oscar for Training Day and given it to Russell Crowe for whom which it should have been given to in the first place for A Beautiful Mind! Oh wait this isn't 2001 is it... well I'll continue to hold my grudge.

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