Monday, March 29, 2010

The Monday Corner 3/29/2010

I've decided. With my general lack of luck in getting into relationships I need a change. Now, I could go out on Friday nights or try to meet people... but, that sounds like work. So, I've decided what I need is: A HAT! That's right. A Cool one too. But, to be honest, I never buy hats! And there's so many of them ahhhhhhhhh! Why!? Well, that's enough of that.

So, ladies and gentlemen of the blogging world. Please gaze upon my picture to the left (<---- that way in case you're curious). And recommend a hat for me in the comments section! Links and pictures are welcome additions ;). Muhahaha ladies, watch out, here comes: UNI + HAT!

For your Consideration:

So, about the linkage. I've decided that I'm going to just throw these links at the wall and pick the five that don't fall on the floor. Why? Because I love throwing things at walls. Don't read into that... please :o.

Dark of the Matinee is about to get his grove on, Hot Docs style, and he's ready (and I think a little antsy) to get it started!

Following my advice (god help her), Life of a Cinephile and Bibliophile is looking for participants in an upcoming: WAR MOVIE BLOG-A-THON! Please help, or then we both look *sad face*

Anomalous Material breaks down the true, often unspoken, cost and rewards of making a Hollywood film! Believe it or not, Box Office is not the end all, be all, telling figure.

Common Sense Movie Reviews breaks down one of the more surprisingly enjoyable fantasy adventures films, absolutely nobody saw, Stardust.

Riku Writes delivers his top 9 favorite baseball themed films, in honor of the impending season.

Poll Update:
A heavy battle, and lots of voting. *tears* I'm just, so proud!

1. 10 votes: A Time Machine (regrets anyone?)
2. tie. 6 votes: A Pet Dragon and Uni (How the hell did I tie with a pet dragon? I'm way funner to ride!... oh, I shouldn't have said that, ooooops :P).
3. 0 votes: Neither (good, you all have a sense of humor. I approve).

New Poll: Who would you rather clash with: Sam Worthington or Harry Hamlin?

note - not knowing who Harry Hamlin is, and his relation to the story, will force me to put you in a corner.

Random Stuff
-Well, now that the world has been saved from leprechauns, all we have to do is find the evil king of the north, and have him mate with the wicked witch of the west. That way we can create the Evil Witch of the North West! It'll be part of Oz 2: The Legend of Curley's Gold! (yes, I had make that joke, it was necessary).

- "Do you know the Muffin Man?"
"The Muffin Man!?"
"You know, the one who lives on Drury lane?"

"... Yeah, the guy's a dick."

This has been Nursery Rhymes, Before They Were Stars!

Alrighty then, ciao :)

7 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...


DEZMOND said...

Eh, Ryan, you should really do some serious unfollowing this time! Five of those votes for Uni are my own (I reckon the sixth vote was your own :PP), why did six people vote for dragon instead of you??? This is a serious international scandal! Down with dragons, up with Uni!

Alex said...

Hey, I saw (and loved) Stardust! But I had to go by myself because none of my friends were interested... plus I remember being one of like 7 people in the audience... so, maybe you have a point.

Anyway I'm no hat aficionado but I admire your enthusiasm. I think a flat cap might look good. Not sure how well it attracts the ladies though (I dig them, but I don't think I'm a standard to measure by).

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

You having trouble getting into relationships? No way! Now you're not telling girls you watch anime and samurai films all day are you? That might be the reason, you might not want to wear your "I love anime" shirt on dates, as for a hat I wish fedoras were popular again like in the depression era, those are one cool looking hat. Then again we are heading into another depression so maybe they'll come back in style.

Anonymous said...

Although my new favorite hat is the now too polular "curling hat" (the blue goes with anything):

I'd have to recommend the classic FEDORA (example):

Timelessly popular with writers, artists, hollywood personalities and more recently technology orgs (Red Hat,, etc.) - a natural match for your posted interests.

But more importantly, I recently dined out with 5 year old twins sporting new Fedora's and almost every female in the place came by and commented how cute they looked - and everyone knows, "two examples proves the general case".

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

^ 5 year old twins wearing tiger costumes would insure mobs of women, that doesn't mean it would work for a grown man. Young kids can get away wearing anything and it be seen as cute. Applying that logic to a grown man is sorely flawed.

Although fedoras are cool, is an Australian based company and I've bought an Indiana Jones style fedora from them for desert wearing purposes, great hat for little over $100.

They have a new version now which I haven't tired the Federation IV

Univarn said...

@Dez I know right!

@Alex Glad you saw it. I go to most movies alone, unless I go with my mom. I'm picky about movie viewing partners, so when you find a good one, you gotta hold on to them :).

Of course going to the movies with your mom at 22 isn't exactly the best kick off line for maturity lol.

Thanks for the Hat recommends everyone! Perhaps when I get one I'll take some sexy picks and throw them up online for you all to drool over :P

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