Monday, March 22, 2010

The Monday Corner 3/22/2010

I've been thinking (scary right?). With Andrew doing all his Re-casting classics with modern actors, why do we need to limit it so? Here's what I'm thinking: Switch it up. RE-CAST all old classics, but instead of using modern actors, we should use MUPPETS and SESAME STREET CHARACTERS! That's right! Godather with Bert as Tom and Ernie as Freido!

Imagine the On the Waterfront Car scene with Kermit and Gonzo! Cookie Monster as Igor anyone? We could rule the cinematic world! Oh... right, probably not. But I think it'd be fun to imagine :).

By the way, Scooter would kill a Frankenstein remake... just saying.

For your Consideration:
Good stuff this week ladies and gents. You put forward quality effort (except for Mad, who took a well deserved *cough* week off). Now on with the show!

Life of a Cinephile and Bibliophile reviews one of my all time favorite movies: COOL HAND LUKE! God the natural born world shaker line is AWESOME!!!!

Despite being a big Miyazaki fan, I begrudgingly (mostly) agree with Big Thoughts From a Small Mind's take on his latest effort, Ponyo. For the record, I think it got a 6 from me way back when I first reviewed it on RT.

RAMBLINGFILM breaks down the quality, or therefore lack of, found in the films that feature Pro Wrestlers!

The blogs have been quite abuzz with the latest horror remake: The Crazies, but The Ludovico Technique seems to be a bit more lukewarm in his response.

Anomalous Material breaks down the latest theatrical statistics released. *spoiler alert* there's a lot of white people who go to the movies.

Poll Update:
You came, you saw, and some of you voted.

Results: Diversity among love, way to go team!
1. 4 votes: Yes, lots of them (you director whores you!)
2. 3 votes: Quite a few (see above comment)
3. tie, 2 votes: Kind of & Nobody (how sad, you need some directors to love!)
4. 1 vote: One is enough (the beauty of one person voting for one director, it's so romantic!)

New Poll: Inspired by the upcoming releases, let me know, which would you rather have: time machine or dragon!

Random Stuff:
- Did you know that if you ride on a cricket backwards, all your dreams will come true? What? You don't believe me? Just try it an see!

-I secretly wish Godzilla was real, that way I could seek out massive moths and create my own version of the game Rampage. Sure, it's outdated, but that's just because I care.

- Had a great exchange last night will fellow twitter buddy Ohman4, we were discussing the dates of checks:

Ohman4: "what WILL you do with 101010 on a check?"
Me: "I'll write 42 on a check and let non-comp sci majors fight amongst themselves for the meaning muhahahaha"

At least I thought I was being witty :)

That's all folks, stay tuned next time for Gigantic Leprechauns of Doom!!!!!

Because everything is more awesome in bold and italics :)

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The Mad Hatter said...

Oh come on now - I really only took half the week off. By thursday I was grinding out my usual babble.

Truthfully, I'm actually on a mission to try and post every single day this year!

Castor said...

Thanks for the link up :)

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