Monday, March 15, 2010

The Monday Corner 3/15/2010

Jack: "Ryan! For the love of everything holy can you please not yell at me from the bathroom!"
Ryan: "Sorry, I just had an urgent question."
Jack: "What is it?"
Ryan: "Ummmmm how do I flush this toilet?"
Jack: "What do you mean, don't you know how to flush a toilet!?"
Ryan: "Well at my house they have levers... or a detector which auto flushes."
Jack: "Man, how old are you?.... fine, you have your phone with you right?"
Ryan: "Ummm, yeah. Why?"
Jack: "Well Ok, take it out."
Ryan: "Ugh, ok, got it."
Jack: "Ok, now open up your phone and go: World -> Apps -> Services -> Bathroom -> Flush Toilet"
***********30 seconds later*****************
Ryan: "It's asking for a code?"
Jack: "Yeah, on the back of the seat enter the 32 digit unique code. Then press submit command key at the bottom."
*toilet flushes*
Ryan: "Ah thank god. Is this really easier than a handle bar?"
Jack: "Of course it is, you can flush a toilet from anywhere!"
Ryan: "Why? I only ever need to when I'm done using it....."

Ryan: "Ummmm, Jack?"
Jack: "Yeah?"
Ryan: "How do I get the toilet paper?"
Jack: "Well for this you go World -> Apps -> Services -> Bathroom -> Toilet Paper then you enter..."

*1 hour later Ryan was finally able to leave the bathroom*

Ryan: "I swear to god I'm creating a self destruct button for all app designed toilets"
Jack: "Oh they already have that, see you go World Destruction -> Apps -> Bathroom -> Toilet Explosion then you press keys 128 and enter the unique code....."


- Don't ask, just accept :)

For your Consideration:
Whew, now it's time for linkage, I'm thinking waffles afterwards, what about you?

Common Sense Movie Reviews
has just announced their new event: 23 Days of Russell Crowe. Somehow it seems oddly familiar. I'm expecting some % kickback out of this :P.

Film Forager tackles the top 5 films of their birth year. Sounds like an exciting idea to me!

Are you still stuck on the 2010 Oscars? Man you're so out of date! The good people over at Anomalous Materials are already laying the groundwork for 2011. Get with it people.

Flix Chatter asks the question: If you were a casting director what would your dream ensemble be?

Movie Moxie
takes a look at the Red Baron biopic pic! Personally, without Snoopy being involved, my interest is limited.

Poll Update:
Lots of voting, but sadly little in my favor.

1. 9 votes: Just Not a Fan (aka people who will be unfollowed shortly - except MVP, because I need someone to argue with)
2. 5 votes: Lack of Time (understandable: it's not like Kurosawa's films are known for their short running time)
3. 3 votes: Unknowledgable of his work (well that's the point of this so go go go!)
4. 2 votes: Unavailability (I may be putting up a post on that so stay tuned)
5 0 votes: Other/Dislike Subtitles (good to know)

New Poll: Since I'm feeling all curious - do you all have a director you particularly associate your film taste with?

Random Stuff
- I wonder, if leprechauns ran the world do you think there would be a maximium height bar for all rides? If so, I wonder if wearing green would allow an exemption?

- Speaking of which did you know that St. Patty's Day is a day to celebrate the color green!? I thought it had something to do with the Irish or leprechauns, but nope, it's all about green. And since green is my favorite color, all I can say is: WAHOO! Suck on them apples!

- Has anyone ever done a professional study on the correlation between people who say "trust me" and the fact that they're the people you should least trust? I'm betting it's a strong direct correlation. What would you guess? About .90, maybe .85 if they're lucky....

That's all folks. Stay tuned next time when we bring you: MONDAY CORNER FROM MARS! .... Ok, not really, but it sounded more awesome than: THE SAME DAMN THING AS LAST WEEK!

See? Ciao!

7 better thoughts:

DEZMOND said...

As the green mogul I can always ask leprechauns to punish you if you unfollow me! Does that scare you? :)

Michele Emrath said...

You are absolutely crazy.

But I did not know that about green.

my blog

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

Thanks for the shout out. I haven't even started yet and the Russell Crowe fans have already busted out of the wood work! Nice to see so many others love his work as I do!

23 films just happened to be a coincidence of how many Crowe films I can get my hands on that I have not reviewed, but I'd definitely give you some kickback. Although the difference between Crowe and Kurosawa films is night and day, I don't think you'd get much out of it! ;p

Alex said...

Heyyyy thanks for the link!

I'm looking forward to the day of long-distance toilet flushing. I could totally freak people out!

Castor said...

thanks for the link love!

Univarn said...

@Dez psssh, I do what I want!

@Michele Crazy? Me? Never!

@MVP Haha I enjoy quite a few of Russell Crowe's films, so no complaints here. I just happen to be a huge Kurosawa fan :)

@Alex Secret Agent Flusher, new spin off series coming this fall to Film Forager?

@Castor your welcome ;)

rtm said...

Thanks for the shout out, Univarn! Oh, you're a Kurosawa fan? I hardly noticed :) As for this question: do you all have a director you particularly associate your film taste with? Well I've always liked Ridley Scott but lately my director crush is Chris Nolan.

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