Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kurosawa on TCM

Afraid after having read all these awesome reviews I've written you won't be able to see any of the Kurosawa films? Well have no fear as all month long, every Tuesday night, Turner Classic Movies is running a Kurosawa marathon. Showing just about every Kurosawa film (even quite a few I'm not reviewing), the only real downside is many don't come on until very late. Still I highly recommend giving a few of them a go, especially if you have the time!

I went ahead and weeded out the Kurosawa films so you can organize your schedule!

March 9th (tonight) - 10th:

8:00 PM - Ikiru
10:30 PM - Throne of Blood
12:30 AM - The Hidden Fortress
3:00 AM - Hakuchi (The Idiot)
6:00 AM - The Lower Depths

March 16th - 17th:

8:00 PM - The Bad Sleep Well
10:45 PM - High and Low
1:15 AM - Red Beard
4:30 AM - I Live in Fear
6:15 AM - Scandal

March 23rd - 14th (note - this is the only All Day of Kurosawa films):

6:00 AM - Sanshiro Sugato
7:30 AM - The Most Beautiful
9:00 AM - The Men Who Tread on Tiger's Tail
10:00 AM - Sanshiro Sugato Part 2
11:30 AM - No Regrets for Our Youth
1:30 PM - One Wonderful Sunday
3:30 PM - Drunken Angel
5:30 PM - Stray Dog
8:00 PM - Rashomon
9:30 PM - Seven Samurai
1:00 AM - Yojimbo
3:00 AM - Sanjuro
4:45 AM - Dodes 'Ka-Den (lots of ways of spelling this one).

* The entire TCM schedule for the month of march can be found here.
* Special thanks to MovieNut14 for bringing this to my attention some time ago.

Hope you all enjoy your Kurosawa viewing!

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Castor said...

Very cool, thanks for the heads up. That's what a TIVO is for!

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