Friday, February 26, 2010

Obligatory Movie Weekend Post #22

Ah yes, it's Friday. And as you sit back in your most uncomfortable desk chair, calmly counting down the minutes until 5 hits and your weekend begins, I'll be here letting you know how to spend it.

Granted, this weekend I think you may be better off in a comfortable chair with a blanket and hot chocolate. Of course, that's how I dream of spending every weekend. Anyone care to join me?

Wide Releases:

Cop Out: In general I love Kevin Smith films. But I think we all know this is not a Kevin Smith film. Cop Out looks worse than a case of hemorrhoids, and while they're desperately trying the "oh, we can't show you all the funny things on tv" angle, it hasn't stopped the critics from whipping out the bash stick and going to town. Then again, perhaps if you're a Tracey Morgan fan you'll enjoy it? Though as I say that I realize I've never met a Tracey Morgan fan.... hmmmm, perhaps there's something to that?

The Crazies: You know I came fully geared and ready to bash this, but as of right now it holds 73% rating on RT..... Granted only 40+ critics have been accounted for, so I wouldn't be surprised to see that number shuffle around some over the next few days. So, how about this. We take The Crazies cast and the the Shutter Island cast, and put them in a room and let them duke it out. Whoever wins, gets the title of scary film for the weekend. Go!

Limited Releases:

A Prophet: With the oscars around the corner this heavy foreign film oscar contender is finally getting a justified US release... which I'm guessing means about 3 cities, none of them within 500 miles of NC. Gah! I love NC, but when it comes to movies we get the dead end of load.

Alright, good luck with your movie travels, I'll catch you next time!

2 better thoughts:

Chase Kahn said...

"A Prophet" doesn't even come out until March 12th here in Dallas, and we're a Top 10 market!

Heather said...

My husband loves Tracy Morgan. I like him, but I was more into his SNL persona's like "Brian Fellows". One of my favs. However, I never got into 30 Rock or any of those trendy shows.

Still, I'll watch anything with Bruce Willis. He may do a lot of movies, but he's not Travolta or Nic Cage. He usually makes imperfect, though entertaining films, and I can deal with that.

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