Friday, February 12, 2010

Obligatory Movie Weekend Post #20

Number 20 already!? Wow. That's amazing. I think there should be some applause from the peanut gallery. Go.... it's ok, I'll wait................. still waiting. *clap* WAHOO! Thank you thank you all!

You know this is an odd weekend. I'm not sure if it's a studio dump weekend of everyone trying to hide shame under other big releases or what. It's definitely odd. At 54% Percy Jackson is the highest scoring on RT of all 3 big movies... I think that says this weekend comes with a dose of stay inside and enjoy some hot chocolate.

Wide Releases:

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightening Thief: I've said it once, I'll say it again: This is Chris Columbus' last ditch effort to return to Harry Potter credibility. After Beth Cooper, I'm not sure many will forgive him. At the same time you can't replace Richard Harris with Pierce Brosnan and expect nobody to notice.... so I recommend we all try something different. Anyone up for bagels?

Valentine's Day: Usually I find 90% of marketing efforts completely mediocre, and barely worth remembering. But it's only February and I may have a contender for my worst marketing effort of the year. Not that it won't pay off, but to air a commercial in which you use quotes from your own movie to describe how great your movie is: It's got to be one of the most horrid things I've ever seen from a movie. It's even worse than the "let's just throw out hot words like Huge, Action, Adventure, even though nobody has said them about this movie."

The Wolfman: I've yet to read one review that notes this movie as anything other than horrible, even the positive ones. Let's just say this: Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving, and Anthony Hopkins may just be enough to get me to check this out at some time, but I'm not going to be holding my breath for any semblance of quality. Then again I sometimes find these sort of movies can have hidden bonuses. Though if it does suck am I allowed to stand up mid movie with a beat box and play Werewolves of London, John Cusack style?

Limited Releases:

My Name is Khan: Ever since Slumdog Millionaire, Bollywood films have been slowly trickling in our direction, and who knows how long it will be before one gets the big release. Though of course it also seems that post SM, mainstream forgotten directors have all been eying India for their big comeback... hmmm, which will happen first: overkill or success?

That's all. Happy film hunting everyone!

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Castor said...

The Wolfman is getting torched by critics but I might see it anyway :( There just hasn't been any reason to go to the movie theater lately

And great point on valentine's day, yet people will flock to it and it will make big bucks. They are actually already working on the sequel for Christmas

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