Friday, February 5, 2010

Obligatory Movie Weekend Post #19

As I sit here in my underwear, drinking hot chocolate, and singing let it snow, I find myself happy that North Carolina is finally gone into full spazz, weather-wise. Two weeks ago it was in the 50s (hell it rained and was near 60 during Christmas), and now it's down to the 30s and snowing/freezing raining. Ah yes, the wonderful world of NC. Then again I've got my collection of DVD's to keep me company, hope you all have the same. But still if you can get outside, here's what you got to look forward to this weekend!

Wide Releases:

From Paris With Love: Two Goatees, One Mission. TO BLOW SH** UP!!!! Obligatory Pulp Fiction Reference: Check. Over the Top Action: Check. Horrid Looking Performances: Check. Commercails Highlighting the Name of A Director Who Made One Ok Movie: Check. Man, what does this movie not have!? If only there was an evil asian ninja, this movie would be perfect!

Dear John: From a Nicholas Sparks novel, Comes a Nicholas Sparks story so Sparksian it's been screaming LOOK AT ME I'M A SPARKS TALE!!! since it's first commercial. So if you Nicholas Sparks your novels like Nicholas Sparks does his you're in for one Nicholas Sparks of a time. It's a romantic Nicholas Sparks based film that has so many Nicholas Sparks like qualities you won't believe it! - Ok, I'll admit Lasse Hallstrom needs another Chocolate/Cider House Rules, but this looks so bland, uninspired.

Limited Release:

Frozen: You know last time I tried to make a movie about 3 people stuck on a swing people said I was crazy. But, nooooo, you put them on a chair lift and in the middle of winter, and all the sudden you got a horror film! Bah humbug. By the way, do you think the producers had to pay the film A Christmas Story for the idea?

Note: According to IMDB The Rid Riding Trilogy and District B13: Ultimatum are both opening this week in limited, but I have no idea how many theaters, or where, so just an fyi!

Alright, that about wraps it up for this week! I hope you all enjoyed, and good luck with your film going endeavors!

2 better thoughts:

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

I totally wish District 13 Ultimatum was opening here... but it ain't! Would have been amazing though as he original D13 director also directed From Paris with Love! Love the "Two Goatees, One Mission" quote btw - that is spectacular.

I'm going to check out Frozen. Always up for 'the little horror film that could' types, although the Sundance reaction seemed to be a little freaked by the film.

DEZMOND said...

Hot chocolate will never taste the same again to millions of your readers who will now have to deal with certain visual associations thanks to the first part of your first sentence in this post :))

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