Monday, February 22, 2010

The Monday Corner 2/22/2010

This past week we surpassed 60 followers on this blog! Isn't that great! Though since I only get about 45-55 unique views a day I have a feeling some of you are just following me for my sexiness, and don't really care *tears*. It's ok though, I'm enough of a self promoter I'll take it! Also next week begins 23 days of Kurosawa! I hope you're all as excited as I am!!!! From March 1st to the 23rd this blog's going to get the Kurosawa takeover... and you're all invited (and you can participate if you want!!!!

For your Consideration:
I have to admit I'm kind of disappointed with you all this past week. I mean, really, where are my write-ups on pineapples and their relation to zombies in film!? Sheesh, I'm going to have to keep looking for new people to follow at this rate :P

Life of a Cinephile and Bibliophile takes a look at my all time favorite film: Seven Samurai! Also, they're asking for your help in trying to improve their blog (kept to commenting and assist people!)

Casey's Movie Opinion Blog (a first-timer for the list) analyzes a scene from the classic western: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

A variety of my favorite bloggers this past week: Ross vs. Ross, Dark of the Matinee, and M. Carter at the Movies duked it out over the best film of 2007. Be sure to check it out here.

The Film Doctor takes some time to break down and look at the various components of the Coen Brother's 2009 film, A Serious Man.

The Ludovico Technique looks at potential best foreign film The White Ribbon, and recounts the projector trouble he had with the theater.

Strange Culture shows some respect for Moon! (thanks to MovieNut14 for the notice)

Castor at Anomalous Material tells you how to have a successful movie blog. Step 1: Never take advice from Uni.

Poll Update:
Two things make my happy blogging wise: comments and poll voting. And when you all do both, I just get so happy!

Results: I guess we all feel lucky today :)
1. 7 votes: Clint Eastwood (no argument)
2. 3 votes: Arnold Schwarzenegger (toughness solely derived from a last name)
3. (tie) 2 votes: Steven Seagal & Someone Newer (comment please to say who!)
4. 1 vote: Chuck Norris
5. 0 votes: Sly Stallone (*tear*) & Someone Older.

New Poll: The BAFTAs where this past weekend! Yeah, I had no clue either until I saw all the winners post. So, I wonder, how do you feel about the BAFTAs?

Random Stuff
- I wonder sometimes what would happen if dogs could really talk. I have a feeling our conversations would go like this:
Me: "Heyah doggie!"
Dog: "food?"
Me: "no, no food."
Dog: "pet?"
Me: "ummmm, sure."
Dog: "Thanks..... no, not there, the other side. No, the other side. NO THE OTHER SIDE!"
*Dog walks away*
Dog: "I'm gonna go drink out of the toilet...."

- I sometimes wonder how often the musical can be claimed dead and claimed to be back before people realize it never really went anywhere, nor is it going to.

- While I know this is a rather mute point since next week marks the arrival of the 23 Days of Kurosawa. I've decided to officially label wednesdays on my blog: anime day. I'm obsessed with the genre, have about 8 shows and who knows how many movies backlogged of them to review. As well I know most of you don't care, so I might as well put it all out there on one day of the week so you all can know what day to avoid if you care that much (*cough* AnswerMVP *cough*) :P.

Alrighty, that about wraps it up. See you all next time!

4 better thoughts:

Castor said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Nice collection of links. I will try to write something about flying pineapple and their impact on transformers avionics later this week :)

MovieNut14 said...

HEY! You forgot to post that other link I showed you!

Univarn said...

@Castor I'll hold you too it :P

@MovieNut14 Not forgot, so much as opted against because of the time delay. I'll include it sooner or later.

Danny King said...

Your early morning enthusiasm always brings a smile to my face. I'm usually so tired in the morning, but your upbeat spirit in these Monday Corner's help me start the week off on a good note.

Keep it up!

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