Monday, February 15, 2010

The Monday Corner 2/15/2010

Have a good Valentine's Day? Did you spend it with your special someone? Either way, I just want you to know, love is always the mood here at the Life in Equinox. Though of course I can't love all of you... in some places it would be illegal. Look on the bright side though: We'll always have Paris.

Ok ok fine, I've never been to Paris. Buzz killers :P.

For your Consideration:
I know everyone got all romantic last week with their film selections, but it's ok. I won't hold it against you... much.

Flix Chatter breaks down their favorite "unconventionally romantic flix"

All About My Movies has been so unimpressed with their recent collections of film she compiled them all into one big back of crap.

Anomalous Material reviews one of my all time favorite movies in Amelie.

Encore's World of Film & TV breaks down the various coming of age films from this past year.

ThisTimeitWillBeDifferent tells you why the Christopher Nolan -> Superman combination is not the best idea out there.

Poll Update:
Wow you people really were splitting on this poll! You're driving me crazy :P.

1. (tie) 3 votes: Mostly Good, Few Snubs; 50/50 on Selections; & Only a Few Right Selections.
2. 2 votes: Meh, I don't Care About the Oscars
3. 0 votes: Perfect (no shocker nobody voted here).

New Poll: Ok I'm going off the cuff. The past few polls have been rather generic, so I'm going Uni: Who is your favorite film tough guy?

Random Stuff
- Sorry about no podcast this past week (and the rushed Monday Corner) I was out of town this weekend and came back to be piled up in homework!

- I sometimes wonder if I had the power to time travel to what time would I go. So many options, gah... though sadly I think it'd be something Kurosawa (or Patton) related, you know, because they're so similar >_>.

See you all next time!

3 better thoughts:

Danny King said...

With Million Dollar Baby and Gran Torino, Eastwood proved he was #1 tough guy. He's not afraid to get emotional, but he also won't hesitate to shove a rifle in your face.

Castor said...

Thanks for the shout out!

rtm said...

I really appreciate the shout-out, Univarn. Hope you had a nice V-day, too. And thanks for the link about Superman, kinda curious what people think about Nolan's involvement. I was going to post my thoughts but there's just too many things to say as I love that franchise.

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