Monday, February 1, 2010

The Monday Corner 02/01/2010

In the darkness there exists a man.
A man whose world in light began.

He dreams of rivers, he dreams of blue.
He hopes the world we dream him too.

Yet, Noone sees this forgotten man.
His world lost in an unloved hand.

Alas, pitty not this endarkend man.
For he sees the world like so few can.

For your Consideration:
Hey what are you doing with my lollipop!? It's mine I tell you! MINE!!!!!

Riku Writes - Mostly About Movies put up an amazing article this past week on Hollywood, Propoganda, and World War 2 - a must read.

The Dark of the Matinee analyzes what makes 8 1/2 classic and how Nine failed to capture that same magic.

The 1001 Movie Club wrapped up January with their four brand new film reviews. This month: Manhattan, Mulholland Drive, The Last Picture Show, and Deliverance.

Kid in the Front Row questions if Adolf Hitler is "The Funniest Man in Comedy?" And whether or not the recent string of youtube videos will allow him to ever watch Downfall again.

The King Bulletin breaks down his awards for 2009 including acting, directing, writing, and many more!

Silver Screening Room takes a look at a collection of recent films about "guys with issues."

Poll Update:
The battle begins! An epic battle over how you all feel about the "career" oscar win. If you want to know my opinion I think it's stupid. That's what the lifetime achievement oscar is for.

Poll Results:
1. 8 votes: Depends on Performer
2. 7 votes: Against
3. 2 votes: Indifferent
4. 0 votes: Always a Supporter

New Poll: With Bigelow's DGA win this past weekend, how do you feel about her odds of being the first female to win best director?

Random Stuff
- With all these new 3D films coming out a friend of mine recently stated he's eagerly awaiting "Porn in 3D." For once in my life my wit matched my speed and my immediate reponse was: "There already is. It's called sex."

- Be sure you check out the latest podcast (in the side bar <------ that way)!

That wraps it up for this week's installment of the Monday Corner. See you next time!

2 better thoughts:

Sasha said...

Great collection of links.

DEZMOND said...

what a stunning, and deeply profound that poem at the beginning is! Thanks for sharing it with us, Ryan.

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