Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Witty Charmer...

As you all know I'm never much of one to brag about my own awesomeness. I feel, in many respects, it just speaks for itself. Though of course from time to time there comes a need for those little subtle reminders (such as me wasting an entire post gloating about myself). Today, a day as glorious a Saturday as any can truly be, Dezmond, my blogging buddy over at the Hollywood Spy, was kind enough to bestow a kind award in my direction (see above picture). Myself along with Common Sense Movie Reviews, Southern City Mysteries, Robin Hood, Narnia, Native Actors and Period Films, Movie, Movie Cafe, and his blogging buddy Marko Belsak, were all honored with personalized awards from the man himself (and by the man I don't refer to an evil corporation found in 70's blaxploitation films..... or do I?).

For me, Dezmond awarded me with the award: The Witty Charmer. Upon this announcement had this to say:

Although our favourite movie lists are different like elves and orks, although nobody can grasp the tittle of his blog (I suspect he can't either), although his life long goal is to conquer the planet and put pandas as his minions, although he shows mild signs of schizophrenia (when he talks to himself), I still love him very much convinced that his charms would melt even the heart of late Charlton Heston.

As kind a remark as I've received (though I do sense a few back-handed compliments sneaking in there). Also I don't know why he accuses me of Schizophrenia when he obviously suffers from a case of species uncertainty. As evident here. Either way I'm gratefully humbled, and dearly honored to have been given this award. I shall display it happily, and brag about it as often as humanly possible. Thank you Dezmond, and to all you dear souls who dare read this blog, thank you so very much (and to the barkeep who keeps you drinks full while you try and read it).

Now where did I put my pants...

3 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...


Michele Emrath said... to elaborate on the title? What are your two halves? What divides you?

Congrats on the award!


DEZMOND said...

I can't remember, as much as I try, that anyone has ever accepted an award while not wearing pants. We applaud you for that stunning and bold (boldness required both from you and for those watching in the auditorium) achievement Ryan. I hope the underpants were glittery at least.

And, off course, I'm glad I've managed to put some glamor and dazzle in the ever-boring Saturday for you ;)

And about a case of species uncertainty you've noticed in me, yes, we elves often have the talent of shapeshifting, it helps in our spying business. After all what do you think how did I scoop up all that dirt about you revealed while presenting the award to you?

PS I'm a bit disappointed you haven't decided to follow the example of our Michele Emrath and appear at the ceremony in of the designs from The House of Dezmond :)

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