Friday, January 8, 2010

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post #15

Did you miss me? Oh you know you did! Don't even lie, you were up at nights weren't you? Crying? No? You didn't forget about me did you? YOU BASTARDO!!!!! I don't speak spanish. the o? what about it? Hey WAIT A SECOND! You're trying to change the subject aren't you? AREN'T YOU!? You love me? Really? *cries* I'm sooooooooooo happy.

Wait a second Ryan, what does that random spiel have to do with movies? Nothing.... but your welcome anyways.

Right, on with the movies!

Wide Releases

Youth in Revolt: VIVA LA REVOLTION!!!! No that's revolution. They're entirely different words. But... I don't understand why would a Youth be in a Revolt? What is a revolt anyways... are a group of people revolting in the movie? I vote we change the name of this movie too something easier: Youth in Car. There now that's logical (if not grammatically awful).

Leap Year: Oooooooo missed it by that much. Close though. Only a week off really. Perhaps you should entitle the movie: The Year After Leap Year. There, kind of catchy right? And on the plus side, you're now correct. Who is going to care anyways right? It's not like the title is that important of a plot point is it? Oh god I hope not... how horrible of a plot device would that be: "Honey you're dying in 4 days... no wait 5! It's a leap year!!!!" Ugh.

Daybreakers: To be followed next year by - Day Breakdancers: A Vampire Musical (you can steal that Fletch if you want). One can dream can't they? Oh man that would be awesome. And admit it, you'd love to see Willem Dafoe bust a move (is that too outdated? oh well). Ethan Hawke break out into song. I'm getting excited for this already!!!!!

Limited Releases:

Crazy on the Outside:
hmmmm a Tim Allen comedy he had to call in every favor he possessed in order to get made. I'm not sold this is premium stuff. In case you were keeping score Tim Allen batted 0 for the previous decade in terms of quality (maybe you grant him Redbelt, I wouldn't). You never know though, perhaps Tim Allen will do better with his own stuff this time around.

Other Releases: Bitch Slap, Wonderful World

Well that wraps it up for this weekend's releases. Tune in next time when we'll discuss: Camels - friends or aliens?

Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnnnn (hehe)

2 better thoughts:

DEZMOND said...

You don't speak Spanish??? Oh, how very odd. I've always fancied you spoke Spanish in a theatrical way like those naughty villains from Latin soap operas :)

Alex said...

I'm not sure if I trust a camel- they spit too much and their legs seem way too spindly to hold up their bodies. Then again they did help the good guys in The Mummy win the race to Hamunaptra against those asshole Americans...

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