Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thinking Out Loud

I was just sitting around thinking today and I got to wondering. We all know Tarantino is as solid a director as there is working today. As well we all know many of us still feel he was snubbed for Pulp Fiction (although he did win best writing with Roger Avary). Now I don't think his latest outing in Inglourious Basterds will win him a best picture oscar, far too polarizing a film, but I do wonder, do you think he may get a Best Director win as sort of a lifetime achievement award?

The reason I ask this is if you look at the favorite best picture nominees there's really no hype for any of them director wise. Perhaps The Hurt Locker would be a strong director contender, as well Jason Reitman has gained lots of fans from his last two outings. But neither of them really hold a candle to the lack of Oscar love for Tarantino's films (especially since more often than not the public widely embraces his quirky ways). Precious may be a strong contender, but from everything I've read the movie succeeds in spite of the director, not because of him.

I have to say I think the Best Director race may just be the most exciting of all the races this year. So many deserving candidates, and several with backlogs of debates on why they haven't won yet. Let me know what you all think, and come Oscar time I suppose we'll find out!

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Lemmy Caution said...

I think his films will always garner writing, acting, and technical awards.....but I doubt he will ever bring home the directing gold.

Jake said...

Tarantino, Bigelow and the Coens are the only ones who deserve to win who have any shot in hell of a nomination. Cameron did a hell of a job with the visuals but directing also should entail a grasp of narrative and character and Avatar fails in that respect. In a world that made me happy, Ramin Bahrani would get a nom for Goodbye Solo and Carlos Reygadas for Silent Light. I can't comment for most foreign directors (still haven't seen The Headless Woman or The White Ribbon), but I imagine a handful deserve credit as well.

Of the American directors who will get noms, though, I hope QT wins. Bigelow would be just as righteous a win, but I think that IB, more than any of his other films (I may still prefer Pulp Fiction though), used all of the references in service of something unique.

The Mad Hatter said...

If QT wins best director it would be rightfully earned for this, one of his best films. This isn't the same situation as Scorsese who was passed over for two of his masterpieces (RAGING BULL and GOODFELLAS) only to finally win on a film that wasn't as good as either of them.

What I'm curious to see, is whether or not the award for picture and director get split. In the past it was a rarity (only four times in the last twenty years)...but with ten picture nominees and a screwy voting method, I think it may happen!

At this juncture, I'd wager that best director will likely come down to Reitman, Bigelow, or QT. Place bets now.

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