Friday, December 11, 2009

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post #13

Wow doing the 13th of these on a friday just before an exam... this may not be the best idea I've ever had! Granted it was bound to happen. Of course with that in mind I'll be sure to keep an extra eye out for crazy men in hockey masks (or their moms), especially if their randomly carrying around a machete!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh wait, I'm not superstitious, way to fail :(.

Wide Releases:

Invictus: The trying tail of Nelson Mandela's secret love for Matt Damon in short shorts, ah the movies that... oh wait, I'm being told this movie is actually about Nelson Mandela's attempt to unit his country through their rugby team. DARN YOU EASTWOOD!!!! Though if you're wondering Invictus is latin for unconquered, and shall be at the top of my viewing queue for this weekend.

The Princess and the Frog: You know Disney I've got no problem with you distributing your first movie with a black princess, in fact I applaud such decision making (yah white bastards). Though I do have one question.... did you have to go interspecies relationship on the princess? Really? It was creepy enough with Beauty and the Beast, now you're just trying to get us to fall in love with animals... in a much much weirder way.

Limited Releases:

The Lovely Bones: Unfortunately this is not a movie about just how lovely Emily Deschanel is, and instead about a far more tragic event and how it impacts a family. Early press has been bad, but to be honest this would have to be the worse movie made ever for me not to go and see it.

A Single Man: You know I knew bloggers liked Colin Firth, but wow, when word got out that this might be Firth's oscar piece the blogging scene exploded with over the top platonic love and admiration for Firth. I think he went from a great British actor to one of the greatest ever in a heartbeat, whew define caught up in the moment?

The Slammin' Salmon: Ah yes your worst fears have been realized, the people behind Beer Fest, Club Dread, Dukes of Hazzard, and Super Troopers are back with an amazingly emotional (*cough*) film. The only reason anyone should watch this: Michael Clarke Duncan (and the horrible lines he has to say, just watch some promo material if you don't believe so).

So yeah that's about it, Up in the Air is getting an expansion to about 70 films, which of course still leaves out the entire state of North Carolina!!! AGH They have 50 airings through CA and NY, can't they throw one at NC? Heck even Sunshine, which had no hype at all, showed at one theater in North Carolina, and you know what, EVERY showing sold out, I had to buy them early just to get in! So there, wake up people, NC will go watch indie films so throw us a frickin bone here!

Ok, enough ranting, I'll probably see Invictus this weekend, at least that's what I hope. Laters everyone!

2 better thoughts:

Dave said...

Nice to see all the info on a single page!! You just saved my 10 mins!! Nice work

Angie said...

I'm excited to hear what you think of the lovely bones. my mom's planing on a movie weekend and I was considering this as a possibility.
I loved Princess and the Frog, but then again I am a girl who has been raised on "the magic of Disney"

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