Monday, December 21, 2009

The Monday Corner 12/21/2009

Oh yes, good sire, I see you have come in from the cold to get warm. Care for a cup of eggnog? Oh very good then! So, come now what is it you seek then? What? A Monday Corner? Well how nice of you! I shall rightly oblige. Woah, hang on I'm getting there don't get so picky I can only go so fast!

Oh wow that was quick. Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead?

Oh, you're just fine are you? Ok, well on we go. (+4 respect points for the reference - remember: no googling)

For your Consideration:
Ah yes the season of linkage, followed closely by the season of violent chimpanzees. You never know when it'll happen, always be careful.

Between the Seats takes a good look at one of my favorite films, Bullitt.

While the world sings it's grandest praises, Chase from The Ludovico Technique finds many flaws with the weekend's hit, Avatar.

The Matineecast #2 is now up with a look at Up in the Air and TV actors who have successfully made the big screen transition.

In honor of the release of Nine, The Flick Chick counts down the top 5 Fellini Actresses.

Sam over at This Time it Will Be Different counts down his top 10 films you may have missed this decade. Part 1 - Part 2.

Good posts all, lots of other great posts, be sure to check out all my friends featured to the right!
Poll Update:
Not a lot of voting, *sad*, oh well, we shall soldier on I suppose.

Poll Results: Lots of other people, yet so few declarations of what that other is, hmmmmm (year CS I know yours :P).
1. Other (4 votes)
2. A Christmas Carol - Any version (2 votes)
3. Tie. Nightmare Before Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life (1 vote)
4. Tie. Miracle on 34th Street and Christmas Vacation (0 votes)

New Poll: With all the mass films being released this weekend, what will take your viewing attention? (suggested by MovieNut14).

Random Stuff
- I think we can all safely say we are all dreadfully shocked and saddened by the recent news of the passing of Brittany Murphy she had a grand presence about her, a talent all too often misused, and a career we shall all remember for her powerful, and yet common day portrayals of everyday women.

That'll end this weeks' edition of the Monday Corner, be seeing you soon with some new reviews and posts. Happy Holidays!

3 better thoughts:

Lemmy Caution said...

I always dig the Monday corner. Good stuff always. Have the day off of work here and about to kick back and watch Herzog's Bad Lieutenant.

The Mad Hatter said...

It always brings me a small bit of joy when I make the cut for TMC. Thanks for the link-love.

Trying to keep my concentration on a work day that seems determined to break it. Making things that much worse is that I have so much blogging I wanna do over the next week! I know that sounds a little weird to say...but yeah. I know. I'm a geek.

MovieNut14 said...

Grr, I haven't been under the "For your consideration" links for weeks. What do I need to do to get noticed again?

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