Monday, December 14, 2009

The Monday Corner 12/14/2009

Follower: "What are we going to do today, Ryan"

Ryan: "The same thing we do everyday!"

Follower: "What's that, Ryan?"


Note - +2 respect points to all people who get the reference (without googling).

For your Consideration:
Ok, so I have to admit, last week was finals week, and busy week so I know I haven't been around much and as such these will be a little short.

Anyone For a Film? takes a unique look back at James Cameron's oft forgot about 1989 thriller, The Abyss.

The Dark of the Matinee reviews one of my most anticipated films of 2009, Invictus!

Encore Entertainment has hosted his first ever BlogaThon in honor of the legend, Katharine Hepburn, be sure to check it out!

The King Bulletin lists off some of the problems he had with An Education, a heavy handed oscar favorite.

Lambcast #7 is now up and available for your listening pleasure, be sure you go and check it out!

Poll Update:
I'm really happy you all show up for these polls. For a while there I was thinking you all weren't caring, but alas you vote early and often :).

Poll Results:
1. A Single Man (8 votes)
2. The Lovely Bones (7 votes)
3. Invictus (2 votes) - very sad :(.

New Poll: From the top 5 of my favorite Christmas films list what is your favorite film?

Random Stuff
- Some important posts you may have missed from me this past weeK
My Top 15 of the Decade

Podcast #2 is Now Up For Your Pleasure

My Review of The Blind Side is also up for you to check out!

Hope you all have a wonderful day and I'll see you all later!!!

6 better thoughts:

thistimeitwillbedifferent said...

For +2 respect points that reference is surely to 90's cartoon Pinky & The Brain!

The Mad Hatter said...

Dammit, Thistime beat me to it.

Hopefully finals went well! Now get out and see INVICTUS so we can Podcast about it.

Univarn said...

@Thistime winner! :)

@Mad hey when is your next podcast going to be uploaded? we're eagerly awaiting you know!!!

The Mad Hatter said...

@ univarn... Thursday :)

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

Other should be changed to A Christmas Story. ;)

filmgeek said...

I knew it was Pinky & The Brain!

My favourite Christmas film from your list - The Santa Clause

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