Saturday, November 21, 2009

Program Note.

Hey everyone, in case you were wondering there will be no TV in Review this week. I got caught up in other things this week and failed to writeup my reviews for the shows, and don't feel like half-assing it just for the post. There will be one this upcoming week concentrating on what shows aren't on hiatus for Thanksgiving week.

Also, I would really like as much feedback as I can from yall on the possibility of me doing a podcast (see post below this one). I've got no problem talking to myself, sort of what I do here anyways, but I do want your input!

Also, I will have reviews of Funny People, Paths of Glory, and Out of the Blue between today and tomorrow!

Stay tuned :P

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The Mad Hatter said...

Bring on the podcast! Sounds like a great idea (one which I am chasing down myself).

The only suggestion I might make, which seems to be helping me in ideas for how I want mine to go, isd to start out by trying to have a guest to talk'll help if you have someone to bounce things off.

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