Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Obligatory DVD Post November 17, 2009

What 3 weeks in a row of awesomeness? I know, you'd think you were reading someone else's blog! It's like I'm getting good at this... ok, not really. Got lots of releases this week, some good, some awful, some I opted to avoid at all costs.

New Releases:

Star Trek: I have to stay I feel bad I never got around to reviewing this film. I saw it during that dark in between phase, where I was frustrated and left RT, but wasn't sure if I was going to start a blog. I do highly recommend it, it would probably grab a 7.75 out of me. I do need to do this review though.

My Sister's Keeper: I wonder if purchasing this film comes with a box of kleenex? From everyone I know whose seen it, those who loved the book found it a disgrace, those who didn't found it to be a huge tearjerker. Let's be honest though, movies like this exist for one reason: to force you to cry regardless of whether or not the characters earn that emotional connection.

Bruno: Ever have a job where you had to do one task the entire time, you know it'll take x hours so you get working, and figure it'll be over soon. You work hard for what feels like hours, so you decide to look up only to see that 30 minutes have gone by... that's what I felt like watching Bruno. I couldn't even muster up the anger/annoyance to do a review, I just cared so little and wanted it to end so quickly.

Limits of Control: Jim Jarmusch + art film = well, not me renting anytime soon. Let's be honest Jarmusch appeals to a select group, so please stop acting like everyone has to like his movies because he's an "artist." We can all respect his work, just some of us like to respect it from a distance.

Other releases: How to Be, Humpday, Thirst, The Open Road, Bringing Balanchine Back, Wild Child

Blu-Ray Goodies

Fight Club: The #1 Rule of Fight Club: All fans must buy the blu-ray release. I can't think of any film in the last few years that has caused as much commotion, fanboy love, and awesomeness without Hollywood trying to replicate it. Granted this movie didn't do that well at the box office, only barely making back it's expenses, but it's become one hell of a cult fan.

Leon: The Professional - Ok, so this movie is a little creepy with the pre-teen girl cuddling up to the 40 something hitman, but Jean Reno is great in this movie, such a good film from start to finish (one of Besson's finest).

Other Goodies: Galaxy Quest, Sex Lies and Videotapes, Clerks, and Chasing Amy

I have to admit I wasn't much up to the humor for this week's releases, some quality some not, it's all good! I hope to have some reviews up before too long. Till next time!

7 better thoughts:

Lemmy Caution said...

Star Trek was decent summer movie fun. Bruno was painfully horrible (despite getting some strangely glowing reviews).

I have the Jarmusch flick....I'm just waiting until I have 2 hours with nothing to do but stare at people that have nothing to do.

I've always loved Fight Club, but I object the 'fanboy' label! Curse you!

Jake said...

Jesus there's so much good stuff out today. I need Star Trek, Fight Club, Clerks and Chasing Amy. I'm renting Limit of Control before I buy it, though I'm a huge Jarmusch fan at this point so I'm sure I'll own it eventually.

The Mad Hatter said...

I say you write reviews of both Trek and Bruno...it'll do ya good.

Most of the world knows about the goodness baked right into Trek, but it never hurts to give people your own perspective.

As for Bruno, I believe there is so much to discuss where that film is concerned. We were all so deeply in love with Borat...what changed over 2.5 years that bored us so badly when Bruno's turn came up.

A-n-n-n-n-n-n-d go!

Lemmy Caution said...

what changed over 2.5 years that bored us so badly when Bruno's turn came up.

My answer would be a simple one. Nothing changed. The Bruno character was unfunny years ago on the television show as well.

The Ali G movie was horrible....the Bruno movie was pretty bad.....the true anomaly is the Borat movie. It was just one of those movies that was so strange and outside the mainstream, yet got a wide release and did big box office.

It doesn't hold up to repeat viewings really.....but I was there opening weekend in a packed house theater....and laughed like

Univarn said...

@Lemmy you watch it and let me know how it goes :P.

@Jake good, if you need watch it twice for me so I don't get talked into it? :)

@Mad I never was much of a fan of Borat to be honest. I thought it was ok, maybe a 6ish, but nothing special (sort of how I felt about The Hangover this year). Then again I'm a picky comedy movie person.

Jake said...

I had the most extraordinary experience with Bruno. I saw it, very much enjoyed it, wrote a review praising it, then I went back the next day and saw it again with another group of friends. Dear God, I didn't know an opinion could change so violently in the course of 24 hours. I still don't understand it, but my word was that movie terrible.

The Mad Hatter said...

@ Lemmy... You're right. Cohen's movies are a lot like installation art - once you've seen the stunt it doesn't hold on to any sort of effect.

@ Univarn... Didn't like THE HANGOVER much either (I loved that one btw)...get thee writing and explain thyself!!!

@ Jake... wow, that's quite the swing in a 24 hour window!! Can't say I've had that happen before. I vote you write about the phenomenon and see if you can understand what happened!

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