Monday, November 16, 2009

The Monday Corner 11/16/2009

You know I have this odd feeling that this entry has become less interesting for you all to read. Did I do something wrong? Why don't you love me anymore? Am I not beautiful *cries* Oh... right... urrrrgh, how about them Football teams over there. Now gimme a second while I go drink this beer and go hunting.

Do people really talk like that? I hope not, that would just be weird... Oh, I'm talking to myself. Great, now I'm talking to myself while typing to myself about other people being weird. Ok, let's move on!

For your Consideration:
You know if you tickle me I laugh. If you slap me I cry. But if you blog about me, I cheer for joy. Keep that in mind next time ;).

Bada Bing! is all about Wes Anderson's latest The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Black Sheep has nothing but good things to say about the british political comedy In The Loop.

Congrats go out to Fletch at Blog Cabins who just hit 100 Followers.

Common Sense Movie Reviews finds little worth cheering about in the cult classic Barbarella.

Encore Entertainment includes Jerry Lee Lewis in Walk the Line as one of the better Forgotten Characters. Do you remember him?

Life of a Cinephile recommends everyone's favorite Burton classic Edward Scissorhands.

Stop the Planet of the Apes compares the novel Q&A with Slumdog Millionaire and concludes: the movie was better.

The Dark of the Matinee takes a look at the Coen brothers' latest, A Serious Man.

The Ludovico Technique checks out the 2009 breakthrough film, Precious, but finds himself a bit underwhelmed.

A whole lot of great posts this week, I really had a hard time narrowing it down!
Poll Update:
Started off slow, but as usual you all came through in the clutch with lots of voting! I suppose I shouldn't be surprised so much love went Jack Nicholson's way, but what's up with the lack of love for Olivier and Tracy? Oh well :).

1. Jack Nicholson (8 votes)
2. Marlon Brando (4 votes)
3. Laurence Olivier (2 votes)
4. Spencer Tracy (0 votes)

New Poll: I wanted to go a little goofy so here we go: If we put King Kong and Godzilla in a ring, who you putting your money on?

Random Stuff
- Is it just me or do statements that begin with "is it just me" annoy the heck out of you? :)

- I've often wondered what would happen if I had super powers and which one I would have. I have this odd feeling that if I did in fact have a super power it would involve lots of talking and stupid statements.

- I'm thinking someone should take the Tickle Me Elmo idea and change it a bit: TICKLE ME EMO. Switch out Elmo, put in the cast of Twilight and we got ourselves a new product!

- Sometimes I wonder which would I prefer A zombie apocalypse or a vampire apocalypse. Really tough choices I must say...

WAHOO! I MADE IT! IT'S THE END! Hehe, was it as good for you as it was for me? It wasn't? Where are you going? Why are you leaving!? I thought we could cuddle some.... It's ok, I know you'll be back, they all come back

Man that was odd... :) Insanity over.

2 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

This entry is never less-than-interesting for me to read. I love keeping up with what everyopne else is writing often gives me ideas for something I myself need to write about!

It's a great feature, keep it comin'...oh, and thanks for the plug?

Oh, and your mention of a superpower makes me think of "Heroes" (yes, I actually still watch it). They have one character on it this year who seems pretty cool, though they haven't really given us a clear indication of what her "power" does...

...I wish they would. Been like, ten episodes already!

DEZMOND said...

"I have this odd feeling that if I did in fact have a super power it would involve lots of talking and stupid statements"
- are you sure this is just your wish and not your reality??? :)))))) Just jokin' ;P

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