Sunday, October 4, 2009

Zombieland Takes the Weekend Box Office

I'll admit the only thing more entertaining than reading about the box office winners for a weekend is the awful puns writers come up with for their victory. You could probably put together a blog of just these, they're just so hilariously sad. Well this weekend was a predictable one to say the least, but it is nice to see some lower budget films get some love.

Suprisingly enough this year has been filled with sub $100million budget blockbusters, and a couple huge blockbusters that have failed to make back expenses (G.I. Joe reported $325million production+marketing). I like it when it's this way. Not making money helps keep studios honest, while showing them the value of quality mid-low budget films ($30million range). Studio executives could retire on the success of films like District 9 and The Hangover, and rightly so (regardless of your opinion of their quality as films).

New Openers:
Zombieland - $25,000,000. Solid start for a film with a report $20-25m production budget. You had 25-30 for advertising and you can guarantee this will probably be in the money by week 4 (especially with solid word of mouth).

Toy Story/Toy Story 2 3D - $12,500,000. Not technically a new opening but it's no surprise families would flock to see the films that jump started the Pixar craze.

The Invention of Lying - $7,350,000. Despite a heavy marketing campaign Ricky Gervais just doesn't have the box office flair. He benefits from having rather cheap films, good friends to do small roles, and a solid comedic mind... I just can't imagine him ever being that $100m box office smash guy.

Whip It - $4,850,000. With a $15m production budget, and flailing advertisement expenditure, it's a surprise Fox Searchlight did so little with this film, despite its well received nature. I'm not sure this will make all of its money back, but it will try (and shall need some good word of mouth).

Capitalism: A Love Story - $4,850,000. Michael Moore is a polarizing figure, and with the films advertisement and title name I'm not surprised it hasn't excited movie goers to run out and check it out. The advantage of these Documentaries though, they cost comparatively little to market/produce.

A Serious Man - $252,000. Only released to 6 theaters, A Serious Man wins the weekend Average Gross at $42,000 (About $25,000 per more than the nearest competitor).

Other Grosses:
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - $16,700,00. Still needs another $10-13m weekend from hitting its production budget.

Surrogates - $7,344,000. Will need a miracle it won't get to recoup its $80m production budget back (not to mention advertising).

Fame - $4,754,000. It's over its production budget and will likely make back back all costs though will not be the smash hit they were hoping to sneak in.

The Informant! - $3,800,000. It's over its production budget, but it probably needed a 50m+ solid hit to generate enough buzz prior to entering the oscar film sweep this December.

Love Happens - $2,777,000. I'm quite convinced Jennifer Aniston could do a $15m film on dog parks and it would still make back money from her loyal following.

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